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Available by module or as a full suite, our solutions can be tailored to fit your needs and budget. Download a datasheet to learn more.

Incident Management Datasheet

A smarter, more efficient way of managing safety.

Integrated Incident and Claims Management Datasheet

A hassle-free and efficient way to manage incidents and the associated claims.

Audits Management Datasheet

Effective management of the entire audit life-cycle.

Activity Management Datasheet

Managing, tracking, and ensuring compliance at every level of the organization.

Behavior Based Safety Datasheet

Application of science of behavior to change your safety culture.

Hazards Analysis Management Datasheet

The intelligence to reduce risks and improve job safety.

SDS Management
Chemicals & SDS Management Datasheet

Chemical management at your finger tips.

Industrial Hygiene Management Datasheet

Information system to recognize and control workplace conditions.

Ergonomics Management Datasheet

Comprehensive platform to perform ongoing risk analysis to evaluate and mitigate ergonomic risks

Occupational Health Management Datasheet

Improve employee health and mitigate work related risks.

Sustainability Performance Management Datasheet

A 360 degree control over Corporate Sustainability Performance.