Teco Energy

“Committed to achieving zero incidents and sustainable operations, TECO Energy harnesses the power of ProcessMAP’s analytics engine to prevent incidents and identify environmental hazards. Smart workflows and process automation ensure that no critical steps are missed, while seamless integration with other systems provides a holistic view of safety performance.”

Seminole Electric

ProcessMAP increases efficiency and mitigates risk by centralizing and automating environmental compliance activities related to regulatory, corporate, and site requirements. Using the software’s intuitive workflows and task management functionality, Seminole Electric remains audit ready, ensures that no critical deadlines are missed, and keeps abreast with permit requirements.


With safety at the core of its culture, S&N needed an effective mechanism to accelerate safety performance across its organization. Leveraging ProcessMAP, S&N has realized efficiency and performance gains by streamlining employee training, claims management, audit processes, and using rich data insights to identify and address success barriers.


“An industry-recognized leader when it comes to operating efficiently, safely, and in an environmentally responsible manner, Flint Hills Resources is committed to preserving the health of its employees and communities. Using ProcessMAP’s industrial hygiene solution, the company maintains a safe working environment by identifying occupational hazards and monitoring exposure levels for air, noise, and heat.”