3 Benefits Of EHS Software You May Not Have Known

Businesses working in the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) space face a number of issues and dangers on a regular basis. Workplace injuries remain a critical issue in various sectors. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries in 2016, at an average rate of 2.9 per 100 full-time workers. Although this represents a gradual decrease since 2013’s rate of 5 per 100 full-time employees, any number that isn’t zero is not worth calling home about. Employers should aim for an injury- and illness-free workspace by implementing real-time reporting technologies and following up on hazardous concerns immediately.

What are EHS software advantages?

  • Cloud storage of data and reporting 
    • No more sorting through and finding physical files of data. Cloud storage and paperless reporting saves time and money.
  • Streamlines company workflows 
    • With ProcessMAP’s ehs Software your tasks and information are managed in one place so you no longer have to manage your workflows through multiple sources. Your team has all the access to all the information they need in one platform.
  • Mobile reporting 
    • Mobile access to EHS reporting is a must have convenience which is why ProcessMAP has developed a Comprehensive Suite of Pre-Configured Apps that Empower Organizations to Drive Digital Transformation of their EHS and Operational Processes on the go.
  • Corporate Transparency 
    • Dashboards grant Corporate and EHS leaders oversight to see the operational process of the company as a whole so that need-to-know staff can stay informed about key metrics in real-time.
  • Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) Management 
    • BBS software enables our clients to implement programs that can be quickly configured to mirror their culture and organizational requirements, which institutionalizes desired behaviors into habits

That’s where effective EHS software comes in. Although the implementation of a high-quality platform involves an upfront investment, it can result in significant savings over time. If you’ve done your research on different EHS platforms, you probably understand the cost savings you can accumulate by switching to strategic software. However, there are plenty of other lesser-known benefits your organization can experience when it switches to a mobile-based system. Here are some other benefits you can reap when your business takes on an EHS software solution like ProcessMAP:

1. Improved sustainability

Modern workforces have become hyper-aware of the impact their day-to-day functions have on the environment. More than ever, consumers expect the companies they support to take strides in reducing their carbon footprints. 

Benefits of EHS Software

Why not kill two birds with one stone, implementing a strategic platform while increasing the business’ sustainability efforts?

When you introduce an eco-friendly EHS software into your organization, you are adding value to your business in countless ways. One effect you will notice immediately is a decrease in energy-related costs. In addition to the positive effects your change will have on the environment, the transition to a technology-based platform — rather than a hard-copy format — will appease your audience. Switching to an EHS software may seem like a small step toward sustainability, but when added together, several minor changes can make a major difference.

2. Increased accessibility

Work in the EHS landscape requires employees to remain constantly on the move. They may not be able to review information on a desktop format several times a day, causing them to fall behind on important updates to the workflow. In addition, they may be less likely to report incidents and near misses when they need to go back to their desk to do so.

Having a mobile-based EHS strategy allows your workers to check in and make changes instantly and on the go. They can report a workplace hazard as soon as they notice it, giving timely updates to their co-workers and employers. If employees approach a situation they don’t know how to deal with, they can pull up an on-demand training video on the subject to see the proper way to handle a crisis or danger.

With accessibility to information at their fingertips, employees at EHS organizations are more empowered than ever before. A real-time approach in the workplace can lead to increased accuracy and immediate incident reporting, which in turn result in improved safety, compliance and communication.

3. Decreased insurance costs

You’re probably familiar with the high costs your organization has had to pay to cover for employees who have been injured on the job. Aside from the expenses for lost labor and medical bills that occur after each dangerous workplace incident, there’s one major way your business can lose money when it isn’t an accident-free space: insurance. Businesses that make an active effort to lower their workplace incident rates oftentimes see lower insurance costs than those that neglect sophisticated workplace accident reporting systems.

Insurers are likely to keep your workplace into consideration when building out your rates. If anything stands out to them that slightly resembles a red flag — such as an ignored incident or a breach in compliance — they might jack up your rates. Businesses that incur accidents on a frequent basis will likely pay a high cost for insurance, as they are considered high-risk. In contrast, organizations that take strides to reduce injury and accident rates through real-time reporting, extensive training and the adoption of EHS software might even receive discounts or savings in the form of lower claims costs from their insurance companies.

Enjoy the benefits with EHS technology from ProcessMAP

ProcessMAP provides EHS tools that can effectively lower costs, improve workplace safety, increase sustainability efforts and improve accessibility of information, among other benefits you may encounter along the way. Get in touch with us to learn more about how your organization can benefit from a high-quality EHS software.

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