A 3 Year Journey Of Mobile EHS Solutions That Improve Safety Performance

Mobile has continued to play a transformative role in empowering and engaging employees to drive health and safety transformation. At ProcessMAP, we continue to monitor mobile adoption across 100,000+ locations of our customer base, with end-users in 140+ countries. We continue to see a stronger and more seamless integration of mobile EHS solutions with customers’ day-to-day operational processes and workflows. The adoption of mobile solutions is instrumental to the EHS community as it strives to keep people healthy and safe. Unless otherwise stated, the data presented below is compiled from ProcessMAP customers for the period ending in December 2020.

Increase in Mobile Traffic by 82.21% and Facility Adoption of Mobile is Up by 75.19%

In the last three years,  ProcessMAP has seen an 82.21% increase in mobile traffic globally. A total of 79.4% of our traffic came from iOS and 20.6% from Android. While traffic from iOS devices continues to dominate, internationally the traffic from Android devices has doubled from 9.1% in 2018 to 20.6% in the last three years. We also see the Facility Adoption of Mobile has increased by 75.19%. Like many industries, we continue to see a significant focus on enterprise mobility initiatives across our customer organizations.

Data reported using Mobile has increased by 656% and Unique User Logins using Mobile have increased by 190.2%

Globally, we have seen a 656% increase in mobile usage, with continued higher adoption in North America (84.3%), followed by LATAM (9.4%) and EMEA (5.9%). We also see that unique user logins using mobile have increased by 190.2%, resulting in a rapid increase in data reporting using mobile devices during the last three years.

Increase in Utilizing the Near-Miss Reporting Process of 1,707.5% via Mobile

Incident Reporting via Mobile Increased by 1,402.7%

As safety leaders in our customer community continue to focus on processes that prevent incidents, near-miss reporting has taken center stage for engaging employees to report, investigate and implement countermeasures. Near-miss reporting, as a key leading indicator of safety performance, has now become an integral part of the safety culture across ProcessMAP’s global customer community. Increased near-miss reporting, driven by the adoption of mobile solutions, has played a major role in fostering a culture of safety. Data trends indicate that nearly 50% of all near-miss incidents in 2021 will be reported via mobile solutions.

As safety leaders in our customer community continue to focus on processes to prevent incidents, Incident reporting via mobile has truly been a game-changer. By actively co-innovating, our comprehensive mobile solutions with global EHSQ leaders and stakeholders, we see our customers better managing incidents across their employee health and safety, operational risk, and environmental risk areas, with mobile reporting playing a critical role in achieving an incident-free safety culture.

566.2% Increase in Assessments and Audits:

With mobile solutions providing significant advantages for field auditing, inspections, and/or verifications, we observed that the number of audits being conducted on mobile devices continues to increase significantly, with more than 566% increase in the identification and management of Audit Action items.

EHS solution & Compliance Increased by 87.6% and Action Item Closure Rate via Mobile improved to 93%

We observed that 87.6% of the Calendar Action Items reported from across our global customer base were created using mobile devices. We also saw that Calendar On-Time Action Items Closure Rate using Mobile devices improved to 93%. Encouraged by the accelerated momentum in the adoption of the Calendar module on mobile, we foresee this trend will continue in CY 2021.

Safety managers can record real-time BBS observations digitally in the field and do not need to rely on completing paper-based forms or using their in-office desktop computers to complete the process. They have quickly adopted mobile solutions to perform observations and engage employees more effectively and directly on the floor of operations. 

Some of the key drivers that have elevated mobile as the new frontier of EHS solutions digital transformation include:

  • Greater employee empowerment
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Enhanced workplace safety
  • Higher regulatory compliance
  • Improved productivity with increased efficiency
  • Real-time monitoring with faster access to critical information
  • Improved collaboration between people at all levels
  • Accelerated digitization because of the COVID-19 pandemic

To learn how ProcessMAP’s mobile-first solutions can transform your workplace EHS solutions initiatives, sign up for a free trial today! 

Anoop K Sreedharan

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