A “Healthy Enterprise” Model to Manage COVID-19 and Prepare for the New Normal

As the COVID-19-related cases continue to surge across several countries, disrupting normal life and bringing the global economy to a grinding halt, it has become evident that collectively we are all in a new normal. That new normal is characterized by some key elements, including social distancing protocols, masks, PPE, work-from-home arrangements, and virtual meeting platforms. Several industries, and particularly services-based industries, are possibly undergoing a permanent behavioral change. Globally, organizations are bringing employees back to work during a time where the total number of COVID-19 cases has crossed the 15 million mark, the total number of fatalities has exceeded 600,000, and the risk of a second wave of cases towards the latter half of the year increases daily. 

In this constantly evolving health and safety landscape that requires regular adjustments for operational strategies and processes, it has become critical for forward-looking organizations to incorporate mature and sustainable health and safety practices into all aspects of their enterprise. 

ProcessMAP Develops a “Healthy Enterprise” Model to Help Organizations Manage COVID-19 and Prepare for the New Normal

Building on a foundation of more than 20 years of innovation in the field of Employee Health and Safety, and Sustainability (EHS&S) and the deep collaboration with customers over the last 5 months, ProcessMAP has developed a new framework for organizations to not only effectively manage their response to the COVID-19 pandemic but also prepare for the new normal. This new model – The Healthy Enterprise – has five key pillars that build EHS best practices across the value chain: 

  • Healthy Buildings and Workplaces
  • Healthy Employees
  • Healthy Manufacturing and Operations
  • Healthy Assets
  • Healthy Supply Chain

Healthy Buildings and Workplaces

Organizations recognize the need for offering employees and workers a safe and healthy work environment that not only helps prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in the current environment, but also prepares the workplace for long-term health and safety. This includes reducing worker exposure to various kinds of risks and hazards such as fire, chemicals and noises, designing ergonomically correct workspaces, and adopting sustainable designs that reduce the overall environmental footprint of an enterprise’s operations. 

Healthy Employees

With regards to healthy employees, organizations are not only monitoring employee wellness checks COVID-19, but also working towards the goals of zero incidents, zero accidents, zero fatalities. Inherent to these goals are the elimination of occupational illnesses and injuries, mitigation of job safety risks, and fostering of safety-driven behavior for proactive risk mitigation. 

Healthy Manufacturing and Operations

This pillar of the healthy enterprise model includes some key objectives such as ensuring operational compliance. mitigation of process safety risks, controls and governance of operational risks, and efficient as well as effective audits, inspections, verifications to proactively identify problem areas and address those problems before they turn into operational risks. 

Healthy Assets

The fourth pillar of a healthy enterprise ensures healthy assets by maintaining an asset register, performing asset risk assessments, improving pre-startup safety processes, comprehensive asset inspections and compliance, and establishing standardized operating procedures. 

Healthy Supply Chain

The final pillar of a health enterprise addresses the area of a healthy supply chain by conducting supplier audits for health and safety risks, tracking their performance for long-term trends, and managing certifications to ensure adequate compliance.

ProcessMAP’s COVID-19 solutions help to address several key use-cases across each of the five pillars of a Healthy Enterprise. Some of the key COVID-19 solutions and use-cases are highlighted below. 

Risk Assessment

  • Workplace Risk Assessment – Enables corporations to identify specific locations or job types within a facility that could potentially expose workers to the risks of COVID-19, and to identify the necessary controls to mitigate such risks
  • Job Safety and Health Risk Assessments – Helps users to identify health hazards and safety risks associated with COVID-19 and the risks that might result from the introduction of new controls
  • In-Depth Analysis of Controls – Provides companies with a comprehensive view of the existing and new controls to ensure that the introduction of new controls does not inadvertently introduce new hazards

Facility Readiness and Preparedness

  • Facility Readiness and Preparedness App – Enables businesses to track and manage the cleanliness and hygiene of facilities, the display of COVID-19 posters and signage, enacting emergency action plans, reviewing daily workstation cleanup, and the opportunity to conduct easy assessments to ensure that a facility has all necessary sanitation and cleaning equipment available
  • Daily Sanitation App – Enables employees to complete and log their daily sanitization and cleaning tasks at a department or workstation level
  • COVID-19 Sustainability Audits and Inspections – Facilitates the audit and inspection process to ensure COVID-19 response activities are completed and sustained, and allows supervisors to monitor such activities

Employee Health Management

  • Mobile COVID-19 Health Screening – Companies can leverage an effective solution to streamline employee screenings for COVID-19 symptoms and exposures
  • Standardized Work Clearances –  Customers can streamline employee work clearances based on screening results with automated workflows, notifications, and processes
  • Employee Health Profile – Allows companies a digital method for tracking and recording employee medical data related to COVID-19
  • Return to Work Management – Allows users to manage and maintain a bird’s eye view of leave management and employee return to work
  • Executive dashboards – provide EHS professionals a holistic view of COVID-19 screenings and employee contact-tracing to proactively mitigate cluster risks

COVID-19 Incident Management 

  • Complete Incident Lifecycle Management – Enables companies the opportunity to track, investigate, trace and respond to illnesses, exposures, and unsafe acts and conditions related to COVID-19. Additionally, assists companies in managing workers compensation claims
  • CAPA management – Allows customers to undertake a standardized and efficient approach to COVID-19 planning and response activities across geographies and facilities

At ProcessMAP, we recognize the significant challenges and pressure that companies are facing to ensure the health and safety of their employees while returning to the new normal.

We are deeply grateful to our global customer community for being active participants in collaborating with us, helping us develop the healthy enterprise model, and co-innovating solutions to address the short-term as well as long-term business objectives. To learn more about ProcessMAP’s COVID-19 solutions and the Healthy Enterprise model, sign up for a demo by clicking here.

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