A ProcessMAP Customer and German Automotive Manufacturer Succeeds in Digital Transformation of their EHS Program, Sees Marked Performance Improvement in their Corporate Safety Program

A German luxury automotive manufacturer was struggling to manage their employee health and safety activities by using a 26-year-old tool. The prior system the company was using was cumbersome and was not updating in real time. The safety team created a list of strategic objectives they wanted to accomplish and embarked upon a digital transformation of its workplace health and safety with the help of ProcessMAP’s EHS software solutions.

One of the primary drivers for the company to undertake this journey was to leverage a suite of EHS solutions that were natively designed for mobile. The customer wanted to move away from utilizing checklists on a clipboard, or a paper-based audit. Instead, the safety team sought much more functionality on a mobile platform, since nearly all the employees have mobile phones and are accustomed to using them. Situations like near misses could easily be documented on a mobile platform.

The safety team wanted to accomplish a number of strategic objectives when upgrading their EHS platform, including:

  • To drive strong stakeholder and employee engagement by leveraging intuitive solutions that are easy to use
  • To gain access to real-time data intelligence on leading and lagging indicators of the company’s EHS performance at an employee, department and/or plant and facility level
  • To seamlessly manage their employees’ Occupational Health (OH) by streamlining medical appointments and follow-up action items, and integrating this data into the company’s HRIMS or TPA systems
  • To monitor air, dust, noise, and other Industrial Hygiene (IH) parameters to proactively prevent exposure to workplace hazards and mitigate risks

In addition to utilizing ProcessMAP’s Industrial Health module, the automotive manufacturing customer also utilizes the following ProcessMAP cloud-based and mobile solutions:

  • Integrated incident and claims management to report near-misses, safety incidents, and workers compensation claims 
  • Audits and inspections management to proactively identify hazards, risks, and the necessary CAPAs
  • Action and activity management to track on-time closure of CAPAs, and drive transparency and accountability within the organization
  • Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) management to track and record leading safety indicators like unsafe behaviors and observations

Since implementing ProcessMAP’s EHS software solutions, the automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has seen significant EHS performance and process improvements. These include:

  • 35% reduction in the company’s Lost-Time case rate
  • 81% reduction in the Restricted-Duty incident rate
  • 220% increase in tracking leading indicators such as near-misses per recordable
  • 38% reduction in work-related claims
  • 80% increase in the completion of incident investigations within 24 hours
  • 90% on-time closure of CAPAs created from the Incident Management Action Items
  • 12x Increase in the creation of audit programs through the mobile app

The customer’s decision to digitally transform their EHS initiatives is evident in how they have graduated from tracking reactive or lagging indicators to proactively managing hazards and risks through leading safety indicators. The company has set a goal of zero incidents and zero accidents, and is well on their way to achieving the goal, in large part because of their partnership with ProcessMAP. 

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