Are You Compliant with the New Vaccine Mandate?

On September 9, the United States government announced that the Department of Labor (DoL)/ Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) would issue an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) that mandates employers with 100 or more workers to require the COVID-19 vaccine or conduct weekly testing of unvaccinated employees. The protocol will help companies to ensure the safety of their workforce against COVID-19. OSHA expects this mandate to take effect in the coming weeks. 

Private employers, as well as federal government organizations with 100 or more employees, will fall under this particular mandate when it is released. In terms of whether the mandate is lawful in the United States, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Department of Justice, and other agencies within the U.S. have not had any type of lawmaking that would foreseeably not allow employers to be able to ask their employees for their vaccination status. 

vaccine mandate

We can foresee certain challenges in terms of tracking vaccination status, successfully operating a testing program for those who are not vaccinated, and having a system in place to track test results on a weekly basis, as well as being able to confidently provide assurance that those requirements are being met.  ProcessMAP understands these needs and challenges and has taken significant steps to assist customers.

ProcessMAP COVID-19 Vaccination and Weekly Test Tracker Solutions 

ProcessMAP has developed two different solutions to help customers comply with this vaccine mandate. ProcessMAP rolled out the COVID-19 vaccination tracker solution in January and has recently made significant updates that allow clients to not only track and manage vaccination status for employees, contractors, and visitors but booster shots as well. Users can upload evidence of their vaccinations and self-report their status. The solution has record-level security in place. Pre-configured reminders are sent to employees for follow-up doses for a two-dose vaccine, as well as when their boosters are due, depending on the vaccination type that they received 

Additionally, ProcessMAP recently introduced a COVID-19 weekly test tracker. This solution allows companies to track and manage weekly test results for employees, contractors, and visitors. A user can upload a picture of their COVID-19 test result as a part of their record. There are pre-configured notifications and record-level security in place for that solution as well. ProcessMAP is introducing visualizations to help companies manage this data and ensure compliance in terms of vaccination statuses and weekly testing.

Individual employees can view their own records and can easily self-report their vaccination status from any desktop computer or mobile device. To add their vaccination status, they select their name from a drop-down menu, and once selected, fields will auto-populate with the employee’s information. If employees have been vaccinated, they will then select their vaccination type. If they have received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccination, they can enter the date for their first vaccine date. The system will automatically calculate when the second dose is due and also send employees a notification with a link back to their specific record, to let them know they need to record their second dose. After completing both doses, they can easily upload a picture of their vaccination card along with the date of their final vaccination.

If employees have not been vaccinated, they can select their name, indicate they are not vaccinated, and specify whether or not they have an exemption from being vaccinated.

Employees who are exempt and responds “yes,” are then asked to provide additional details. If they answer “no,” they can then save their record. The system will require these employees to report their weekly test results. Once these employees create their first record, they will receive notifications and reminders to submit test results. This will include the date the COVID-19 test was administered. If test results are pending, employees can indicate the pending status. They will receive a notification the very next day to update their test results, and a reminder each day until they add their test results. They can take a picture of their test results, attach those to the record and save them. The process is very simple for users to report both their vaccination status and to report their weekly COVID-19 test results. 

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