Best Practices for COVID-19 Vaccine Administration and Reporting

Over the past year during the COVID-19 pandemic, the ProcessMAP team has collaborated with customers around the globe to support their efforts to bring employees back to work safely through the development of a suite of COVID-19 apps. Recently, a European automotive manufacturing customer with a large facility in South Carolina, made the decision to offer vaccines to its employees at its own facility, using its own medical staff. When taking on the responsibility of vaccinating employees, this customer needed a way to document the vaccines administered to each employee not just for their own employee health records, but also as a vaccine provider to the state health department.

The ProcessMAP team helped our customer to design and implement an app through our Connected Workers low-cost app development platform that will transmit data to the state of South Carolina. The app can integrate with ProcessMAP’s Occupational Health module, or the lighter version called Healthcare Solutions, to push data into the solutions, as well as to the state’s COVID-19 vaccine registry.

Vaccine Administration and Reporting

The state of South Carolina requires approved providers to report vaccines administered within 24 hours. To accomplish this, the ProcessMAP app pushes data through the state’s Vaccine Finder, a web portal set up to capture that information. This is a health-level interface, which requires five steps to build.

ProcessMAP can analyze the data as a structure. We build the messaging, tables and set up all documentation correctly, providing the proper code interface. Behind the scenes, there is a great deal of coding involved for the different types of vaccines administered. ProcessMAP has successfully tested this interface and has been able to test and deploy the transmission of the data to the state. Since going live with this tool in South Carolina, ProcessMAP has engaged with several other customers who are administering vaccines to employees in their locations as well.

One of the best features of this vaccine administration app is the ability to enter the data via a mobile device, where an employee can complete a form right on a tablet and review the information they have entered into six different critical fields. If a company has an HRMS integration, ProcessMAP can map data into the HRMS, in addition to transmitting it to the state registry. The only fields that need to be completed at the time of vaccination are the name of the employee, the date and time, the vaccine manufacturer’s information and the location where the injection was given. The customer can search for an employee via their name, or their employee ID number, and validate the employee’s identity by confirming date of birth before performing the vaccination.

Depending on whether the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine is administered, the app is configured with the proper logic for scheduling a follow-up vaccine appointment in the proper amount of time. If an employee receives the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, then no follow-up appointment is needed.

The app also includes an optional section for a consent form. ProcessMAP can either build the actual consent into the app form itself, or a user can upload a form attachment, if a paper form with a signature is needed. The user simply takes a photo of the consent form and attaches it right to the record within the app. Once the vaccine record has been saved, it is automatically transmitted to the state registry and the follow-up vaccine appointment is scheduled. The app will then record the second vaccination at the appropriate day and time, eliminating paperwork and making the process easy and efficient.

For customers interested in a similar solution to track COVID-19 vaccines administered, the ProcessMAP team will work to gather the state-specific documentation requirements to facilitate a quick implementation of the app. Please contact your customer success manager or ProcessMAP account executive for more information.

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