Construction Industry Goes Digital - Sustainable Worker Safety Creates A Competitive Differentiation

Even in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the global economy has been thrown into the turmoils of uncertainty, the construction industry continues to demonstrate its commitment to worker safety and sustainable practices. Construction industry leaders are rapidly adopting innovation to improve safety at the construction sites. Just recently, we started a digital journey with Bilfinger Westcon Inc., a diversified and full-service industrial construction and maintenance contractor.  

Founded in 1981, Bilfinger Westcon provides a comprehensive range of construction and maintenance services to industrial processing facilities throughout the United States. The organization’s strong commitment to excellence in safety, health, and the environment resulted in achieving more than 11,000,000 man-hours without a lost-time incident. Dwight Abshire, VP of HSEQ, Bilfinger North America assembled a team to evaluate technology options to support their mature and proven safety program to drive construction safety and project execution. 

Sustainable Worker Safety

They realized that their multiple siloed platforms had not been very efficient in managing safety holistically. Bilfinger and ProcessMAP partnered to bring digital transformation to construction sites to achieve the following specific outcomes:  

  • Provide Bilfinger Westcon’s customers greater visibility to the organization’s construction and maintenance safety performance
  • Develop a centralized infrastructure to effectively manage key safety programs across all projects and sites enterprise-wide
  • Seamlessly monitor and manage the safety of employees, contractors, sub-contractors and the overall projects and sites in remote locations
  • Proactively mitigate safety risks by driving business decisions based on actionable insights and advanced analytics
  • Empower project and site managers with the requisite tools and solutions to drive safety at each location
  • Optimize all health and safety processes over a unified and integrated EHS platform

As we continue on this journey with Bilfinger to create a sustainable construction safety program, Dwight and his team have used this opportunity to completely reimagine their safety processes while accelerating accountability and transparency across the board. Bilfinger is leading the way in keeping their employees and contractors safe. 

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