Customer Success At ProcessMAP

Customer Success is the latest buzz word being bantered around the technology industry. In many ways, it is the reshaping of the Customer Service and Engagement functions seen over the course of the past few decades. At ProcessMAP, we make a conscious effort to ensure Customer Success is not some type of amorphous concept, but rather a key company function measured on three criteria: 

  • Product Value – This typically conjures up the “no kidding” response. Of course a company like ProcessMAP would and should subscribe to offering product value. I grant you that. However, Customer Success optimizes product value at ProcessMAP primarily by being the voice and advocate of the customer. Each Customer Success team member is expected to and measured by the constructive feedback they bring to ProcessMAP’s Product Group. This supports an iterative product development cycle that yields a more intuitive, user-driven set of functionality. 
  • User Adoption – The product is what brings a company to ProcessMAP, but happy, productive users maintains our customer base. A passionate set of Customer Success professionals focus on proper onboarding where change managementassimilation and training are combined to increase the likelihood of adoption success.
  • Customer Experience – Customer Success is the first line of contact for our customers through the support channels. At ProcessMAP we have teams of Customer Success professionals dedicated to its own customer portfolio. This ensures customer intimacy and laser-like focus on the customer’s product set-up, culture, processes and KPIs.

Ultimately, Customer Success at ProcessMAP represents the basic “blocking and tackling” necessary to achieve a customer portfolio that is engaged, committed and achieving its expected and prescribed value. We take our position of customer advocate seriously. We know we stand as the proxy for our customer inside of ProcessMAP. Hence the three pillars of Product Value, User Adoption and Customer Experience will continue to be our guiding light and framework to how Customer Success executes.

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