Driving Digital Transformation Of EHS With A Pragmatic Approach To Innovation - Part 2

This is the second and the final part of the blog titled – Driving Digital Transformation Of EHS With A Pragmatic Approach To Innovation. If you haven’t read the first part of the blog, you can access it here – Driving Digital Transformation Of EHS Part 1 

Part 2

ProcessMAP’s customer needs and challenges truly drive our product innovation. Through a group of customer councils and user groups, we gain valuable insight into how our customers utilize ProcessMAP’s platform of EHS and ORM solutions to drive organizational changes that improve safety and save lives.

Our customer councils and user groups meet regularly to share strategies and best practices related to mobile usage and analytics, and they share feedback with us on functionality, user trends and adoption. Our Product Management Team is already working to gather customer feedback and alignment on many of the innovations that we have planned for 2021 and 2022. Some of these include:

Employee Competency and Capabilities Management is the practice of identifying the key functional skills necessary for an employee to reach target performance in their specific job role. This ultimately helps organizations to make sure they are hiring and training the right employees, that they are keeping workers safe and that they can effectively manage their injuries. This tool will allow customers to assess job demands and create job profiles, to create a register of risk based on job profiles and be able to access objective information to assess a worker’s capability to safely perform the essential functions of their job. The solution will automatically identify gaps and compliance-related and necessary job-skill training, and help customers use job matching to accelerate their employees’ return to work after an injury. 

Training Compliance Management has been viewed as a burdensome and somewhat manual process for many. To alleviate that, ProcessMAP is building a new and improved user experience. This tool will allow for easy training record tracking, which could be as easy as scanning an employee’s ID badge to ensure that they are properly trained or qualified for a particular job or to be working in a particular area. This tool will also help document attendance in training sessions. Training Compliance Management will help ensure that all employees are current in their training requirements, helping to minimize safety risks, improving the quality of operations and reducing liability by being able to easily demonstrate that a company is meeting training requirements and doing everything possible to stay in compliance. 

ProcessMAP is developing a tool for Governance and Risk and Compliance Management. The GRC solution will help organizations manage their overall governance, enterprise risk management, and compliance with regulations. Customers will be able to create facility profiles and automate required compliance with risk management activities. Each facility profile can be scored based on a company’s guiding principles and then ranked based on a risk score. It is designed to help a company be able to easily identify risk areas, to properly allocate resources and different types of controls to mitigate risk. 

ProcessMAP will continue to build on our Asset Risk and Compliance Management solution. This will help customers to approach managing assets and the risks that are associated with them more strategically.

We will expand our focus to include an emphasis on Fire and Life Safety, providing a holistic solution that will include content to help customers be better able to ensure their compliance with regulatory and insurance requirements, to better safeguard people and property, and to manage such tasks as fire risk assessments, inspections, certifications from third-party assessors and more. This solution may assist customers to reduce insurance premiums. 

Contractor Risk Management will provide a comprehensive approach to successfully manage the multi-step process of managing contractors from initial selection and qualification, to monitoring and analyzing contractor performance. This can help customers to ensure that they are not introducing a risk of injury to an employee or contractor, or to avoid other types of loss-producing events or substantial fines.  

Computer Vision-based Risk Management is another new solution for ProcessMAP. It offers a non-invasive study into employee workplace behavior. Organizations can use this technology to remotely monitor and identify any type of health and safety violations, unsafe acts, and trends, to ensure mitigation strategies are put in place. 

For a more in-depth summary of ProcessMAP’s 2020 Innovations, please access the ProcessMAP 2020 Innovation eBook. The e-book also details how ProcessMAP has worked to drive customer engagement during 2020, our comprehensive approach to risk management, new insights into your safety for our customers’ employees, and our efforts towards improving security and system integrations. 

In 2021, ProcessMAP has plans to establish several new customer councils, and we will see members of customer councils rotate on and off, ensuring a diversity of voices and fresh perspectives. Customers interested in joining a customer council should reach out to their customer success manager to express their interest. 

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