EHS Safety Audit Procedure To Help You Track EHS Compliance.

Current trends show regular EHS audits have become a part of EHS planning in many organizations, allowing for better relaying of EHS performance to all the stakeholders viz. shareholders, the public, community, the workers and key decision makers. Most importantly, EHS performance can help you identify the grey areas that need immediate attention.

What is EHS Compliance Software? 

Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Software is a data management technology used by companies to manage their regulatory compliance, corporate sustainability, and enterprise risk. 

EHS safety audit procedure

 Here are the 4 most important Internal EHS Audit tips that should be taken care of while conducting an audit:

  • Showcase only ‘Authentic’ data

Often it is observed that Organizations wish to achieve a goal by hook or by crook and while striving to do so, they tend to skew the results in their favor, sacrificing any chance to improve upon the actual state of affairs.

When businesses dishonestly inflate their performance in Audit reports, they stand a sure chance of tarnishing their public image and losing the slightest chance of improvement.

Only by being honest can a company achieve their true business goals and develop future action plans to achieve better results.

  • Be Unbiased

Being unbiased is likely the most challenging thing for companies and hence many skeptics believe in 3rd party audits more than internal audits. This is because businesses only want to portray their positive image in the market making them biased.

The best and easiest way to be unbiased is to identify a quantifiable KPI like total water usage, total waste in landfill, total CO2 emission, etc.

Showcasing the benefits of EHS Audits in terms of ROI is probably the best representation since it gives a clear picture of the money saved due to Audits. Example: $50 saved per ton of waste reuse.

  • Using Accurate EHS Data

Accurate data is immune to all the skepticism and can help you retain your image while conducting the Audits.

It is understood that most of the companies would not show 100% of their data but even with the limited data, accurate numbers can help you earn a lot of support where it counts.

  • Set Realistic Goals & make sure you Achieve them

When you set goals that are realistic and achievable it is easier for you to achieve the intended goals thereby showcasing the progress as promised. One example of a great sustainability plan is InterfaceFLOR’s promise to be 100% sustainable by the year 2020.

InterfaceFLOR strikes the right balance between choosing a realistic goal and one that makes an actual difference to the stakeholders.

 Following the above 4 tips your Organization can make sure that EHS Audit is following the right track and delivering the desired results.

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