EHSQ Technology: The Key To Tackling Heightened Injury Rates In Automotive Manufacturing

The worker safety status quo in the automotive industry must change – but how? Advanced environmental health and safety technology is the answer.

Shop floor safety continues to be a challenge for the automotive manufacturing industry, which maintains an abnormally high incidence rate. 

In 2017, the latest year for which Bureau of Labor Statistics data is available, automakers and parts manufacturers operating in the U.S. recorded an off-the-charts non-fatal injuries and illness rate of 410 incidents per 10,000 workers. These incidents required employees to take days away from work, restrictions or transfers. By comparison, the average for overall private businesses was 150 injuries per 10,000 employees.

This status quo must change … but how can manufacturers reduce the injury rate? Advanced environmental health and safety technology is the answer.

EHSQ Technology

Numerous automotive manufacturers struggle to maintain effective risk mitigation practices due to a number of factors, including a perceived lack of return on 

Modern EHSQ solutions directly address these and other roadblocks via data-driven, scalable application infrastructure, EHSQ Today reported. These tools feature easy-to-navigate interfaces that work with mobile devices, meaning EHSQ teams can easily make note of key incident details and store then for later review, a capability that leads to drastic hazard mitigation improvements investment among executives and the logistical complications involved in investigating and analyzing events that unfold during production.

Additionally, these platforms support robust key performance indicator configuration and reporting, meaning EHSQ teams have the ability to prove ROI and get executives engaged.

Finding the Right Solution Partner

The EHSQ solutions available on the market vary in quality. For this reason, it is critical that automotive manufacturing firms pursuing implementation collaborate with vendors that not only offer top-of-the-line products but also understand the industry.

ProcessMAP is among these best-in-class EHSQ software providers, offering a suite of innovation and data-analytics driven solutions for some of the largest and most respected automotive manufacturers in the world.

Connect with us today to learn more about our work in the automotive manufacturing space.

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