Have You Personalized Your EHSQ Solution Yet?

You might have implemented an Environmental Health Safety and Quality (EHSQ) solution in your workplace. However, this software isn’t nearly as impactful when it is not personalized to meet your specific business goals.

Here are some of the ways you can effectively customize your EHSQ platform to meet your business’ individualized workplace safety regulations and industry-wide compliance measures.

To be the best at what we do, it’s important that we look at the industry as a whole, taking into account advancements in technologies and priorities. Here are some of the major EHS trends and insights of 2019 thus far:

Role-specific solutions

When you’re in the process of introducing EHSQ software into your operation space, you will want to make sure the right information is accessible to the right workers. Even though it can be helpful for your employees to have the ability to view all-encompassing workplace safety practices, it is essential that they have immediate access to EHS policies that match their own job description. Personalizing your EHSQ system’s mobile strategy can help make sure your employees have the right information for their role exactly when they need it.

Specific risk assessment tools

EHSQ solution

Using risk assessment software allows business leaders to document and assess various tasks, seeing how the organization has worked to improve safety regulations to prevent workplace risks and hazards. 

When businesses report potential issues before an accident occurs, they can take preventative action to keep it from happening.

When you implement an EHSQ solution into your operations processes, make sure you input personalized information to ensure you are meeting safety and compliance standards. There may be specific safety risks your staff should be attentive to depending on your industry or the types of equipment you use in your operating space. Personalized risk assessment can ensure that you are meeting the necessary standards to keep your staff safe and prevent your business from incurring any fines or penalties resulting from noncompliance.

Tailored training options

There’s no doubt that EHSQ solutions add value to your organization. However, your business is missing out on a variety of features when it does not personalize this software to cater to your industry and goals. One of the major ways you can gain the most value from your EHSQ system is by taking advantage of any custom-made training options.

At the end of the day, it’s important you implement an EHSQ platform that provides your business with a tailored training program that can streamline your operations and ensure compliance.

If you’re looking to implement an immersive, impactful EHSQ solution into your workplace, consider ProcessMAP’s broad range of Environmental Health Safety and Quality tools. Contact us today to learn more about how a personalized EHSQ solution can improve your business’ safety culture and overall strategy.

Schedule a demo today to see exactly how ProcessMAP’s capabilities can accommodate your constantly evolving health and safety concerns.

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