If You're Not On Cloud EHS Yet, You May Be Too Late

Businesses across a variety of industries have increased their emphasis on EHS innovation of late. If you’ve put off updating your EHS system, you run the risk of falling behind in productivity, accuracy and even safety regulations. The growth of cloud technology in EHS practices has allowed professionals in this sector to manage and process their data in new and innovative ways.

The shortcomings of traditional EHS technology

A majority of EHS management strategies have been paper-free for years. However, a computerized process is not always synonymous with productivity or effectiveness.

Before utilizing cloud-based products, many organizations developed their own software solutions to address EHS concerns. While this process was customizable, it was tremendously time-consuming and prone to error. In addition, they typically had to collaborate with an external web development agency or hire a full-time web developer. In summary, organizations spent exceeding amounts of time and money on various capabilities that weren’t completely effective.

cloud EHS Platform

The transition to cloud-based EHS

Cloud-based EHS technologies have proven their effectiveness since their conception a few years ago. With these capabilities, organizations receive a pre-existing framework that they can customize with their own processes, goals and other pieces of workflow data. Cloud-based systems include all the benefits of traditional forms of EHS technology and provide additional advantages that can improve the accuracy and efficiency of EHS systems in relation to various business operations.

Cloud-based EHS platforms effectively streamline the organization’s operations management. In addition, they align their capabilities with the company’s individual business functions and goals. These technologies allow for real-time reporting, creating an improved, data-driven process throughout the organization. To locate how cloud EHS systems can improve efficiency across the organization, let’s explore their impact on three areas of business: accessibility, safety and training.

  1.  Accessibility to information

    According to Global Workplace Analytics, approximately 50 percent of the national workforce works in a position that allows for partial telework. In addition, 20 to 25 percent of the U.S. workforce completes their duties remotely at varying frequencies. A cloud-based EHS system can make data and insights available to employees who are working remotely. Whether a leader is telecommuting or out of town for business, they can instantly manage their team’s operations.

  2. Safety in the workplace

    With cloud-based technology, EHS teams can instantly gather insights related to workplace safety practices. When they have immediate access to this information, these professionals can locate areas that need improvement and track the quality of their safety regulations over time. Rather than only reporting incidents – while ignoring close calls and impending dangers – cloud EHS systems indicate all areas of risk in the workplace. By locating a variety of key performance indicators, workplace safety teams can create a multi-dimensional safety culture plan that is constantly evolving.

  3. Improved employee training techniques

    Another aspect of an organization’s culture that can be drastically improved as a result of transitioning to a cloud-based EHS system is employee training practices. Some organizations train their employees in the same way over the course of several years. Having such an inflexible training program can lead to lack of productivity, higher incident rates and lack of innovation.

    Cloud-based EHS platforms can help team leaders develop training techniques that address the organization itself, rather than taking an outdated or short-sighted approach. With high technological capabilities, training teams can create targeted lessons that address relevant information about the organization as it has evolved over time.

    At ProcessMAP, we help businesses of all sizes improve their workplace safety cultures and overall business acumen through our rich suite of EHS tools. Connect with us today to learn more about how our solutions can innovate your EHS operations.

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