Implementing EHS Software: Part 2

In part one of my post, I discussed the importance of risk as it relates to EHS management and which tools are better suited for different stages of the process.

So let’s presume that you’re ready to go beyond managing risk, to preventing and predicting risk. That means you have to transition from Microsoft Excel.
Before selecting the right software system to support your risk/EHS program, you should define your objectives. Because without knowing what your personal, department and corporate objectives are and how you want to align them, you’re essentially traversing the universe of options without a map.

When trying to create this map to guide you, think about all the different areas your company manages:

This list will be long. I tell you to think about the things your company manages, not just your department, because having one platform that covers a good portion of your areas of risk is a good long- term strategy.

Once you have the list of areas you manage, you need a few more things to create your map. Make a list of what you need, want, and would be nice to have in a software system by area. Understanding these requirements will help you evaluate each platform. Make sure you’re thinking about your future state not just what you do today when making this list.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • When an incident happens, do you have to call your insurance provider and record the incident in your OSHA logs?
  • Do you have an accurate chemical inventory and access to all of your SDS?
  • Are you doing all of the IH sampling you need or want to do?
  • Do you conduct audits across the globe and have a need for questions in multiple languages?
  • Are you able to create and manage a risk based audit program or are you just auditing sites on a regular basis?
  • Are you confident in your sustainability data, does it take you a long time to collect it?

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