It's All In The Numbers: Data-Driven Safety Performance [Video]

Nowadays you can’t escape data—but then again, why would you want to? Safety managers leverage data as a means to improve performance, and these efforts have helped prevent incidents and reduce claims costs.

It costs much more to react to an event than prevent. Workers’ compensation, productivity downtime and legal battles are just a few of the big-ticket expenses. In fact, OSHA reported businesses could shave 40 percent off these costs simply by incorporating a safety strategy that works to predict, rather than rectify, workplace accidents.

Collecting data is just the half of it. One study reported 85 percent of CFOs and CIOs understand the importance of injury report data but don’t know how to turn it into tangible initiatives. That’s why many pivot to Environment, Health and Safety software as a means to understand what the data really means.

How has your company benefited from EHS software? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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