ProcessMAP Accelerates Analytics-Driven EHS and ESG Innovations with the Latest Platform Release

ProcessMAP’s 2021 platform upgrades and releases include more than 150 innovations and enhancements, with many of them originating directly from customer input. The Product Management team ensures that we are implementing enhancements based on industry best practices and regulatory ideas. We focus on the feedback we received from our customer councils, user groups, the Big Ideas portal, and Voice of Customer interviews.

With feedback from our Incident Management Customer Council, we introduced a new workflow visualization, which allows for ease in determining the workflow status and bringing in some new options for navigation for the incident summary. This change helps to alleviate the fact that there was not a clear view from the summary screen into the current status of the different sections and what needed to be completed for a particular incident. We added a quick view of the different steps in the incident’s life cycle at the top of the incident summary screen, where users can quickly identify the status of each step.

Now, instead of scrolling down to each step within the incident summary screen, users can click on the respective section’s icon, and the system will automatically navigate the user to that section. Users can also hover over any of the icons to see additional information specific to the different steps in the workflow.

processmap version

Similarly, we continue to build out on our Asset Risk Management solution with the integration of Incident Management. In addition to identifying asset audits, inspections, safe work permits, corrective and preventative actions, and many of our Connected Worker Apps, or AppBuilder solutions, users can now associate assets with any near miss or incident, which provides a more holistic view into the health of a company’s assets.

ProcessMAP has added new fields into the incident screen in the general details, allowing users to identify any involved assets, which are not limited to just one. These fields will be available to those customers who have subscribed to the Asset Registry component. Based on those selected assets, the incident counts will be displayed in the Asset Widget. Other enhancements include new outbound Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). For Incident Management, we have new near-miss metrics that were highly recommended in our Big Ideas portal, and a body part visualization that also came through our Big Ideas portal.

In the mobile version of the Activity Management solution, the CAPA source was displayed with any type of corrective or preventive action that a user could view from mobile. Users requested the ability to go back and look at the source for that CAPA, to understand where it originated, rather than self-navigating. Now, when a user views a corrective or preventive action within the Mobile Pro solution, they can click on that source card, and navigate directly to where that CAPA originated. For example, if a CAPA originated from an incident, the user would navigate to the Incident Management summary. If the CAPA originated from a finding in Audit and Inspection Management, a user can navigate to that finding, which would also be available for any type of observation that has a CAPA created within the Behavior-based Safety module..

Risk Assessment will include automatic versioning, and link between the source and all subsequent versions, so users can track the changes across the different versions.

Those users who have that permission can create a new version of an existing Risk Assessment. The new version and previous version will be linked, and it will copy over all the existing information, automatically apply the next version number, and will be in draft status. Depending upon the approval process that is applied, when the Risk Assessment reaches approved status, the previous existing version will be automatically inactivated.

We have simplified the ProcessMAP Connected Worker solution, also known as App Builder. In the 21.2 release, users will find it easier to search for a record on mobile after receiving an email notification. By clicking on the email notification link, users can navigate to that specific record summary and easily view or perform any type of required tasks. A user’s device must be in an online mode to automatically proceed to the record summary. However, if a user is off-line, and the record is not already available on a user’s device, they will not be able to navigate to that record. This feature will be available on both iOS and Android with the 21.2 release.

App Builder is now able to support the formula builder in the action item conditions. Bringing in these dynamic conditions to the form allows users to see the formula builder option for any type of numeric, date, or time controls in the action conditions, and to configure the supported formula expressions or functions in the action conditions. For example, if a user wants to have a status automatically set to “expired” once a particular date is exceeded, the user can configure that within the conditions utilizing the Connected Worker solution application.

processmap version 21.2

We are also bringing in new outbound application program interfaces for the Connected Worker solution. These give users the flexibility to export bulk data from the system for all of a company’s locations. Properly credentialed users can export for a single location or multiple locations under a particular level and can extract data for up to one year at a time. The Connected Worker solution will now be available in five languages, and the names of fields, sections and data source values will all have multilingual support in the July release.

ProcessMAP made several usability improvements in the Learning Management Solution (LMS) to improve the visibility of the course history and to include some new actions. The revised design includes counts and links to view scheduled sessions, employees who were assigned a course, and from the course catalog the user can schedule and assign a new course session.

Changes to the managed sessions screen focus on providing a more optimized and holistic view into session management, which has been well received by our customers. Instead of viewing the sessions by an employee, the user can manage and view the session by the parent session. Users can view counts by session status and navigate directly to views of the sessions by the individual employee assigned based on that status. Users can also bulk update training outcomes right from the “Manage Sessions” screen.

These are just a select few innovations and enhancements released in the first half of 2021. There is an exciting line up of innovations, which will be released to customers in the second half of 2021 and early 2022. To learn more how ProcessMAP can help you with your EHS digital transformation initiatives, click here.

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