ProcessMAP Users Embrace Mobile EHSQ Solutions To Digitally Transform Their Safety Initiatives

As safety professionals manage the complex task of employee health and safety, the use of mobile technology continues to play a prominent role. With the rapid growth in the number of smartphone and tablet users, digital EHS solutions must keep pace with global adoption and use of such mobile devices. 

Within the ProcessMAP’s 3+ million-member user community, mobile EHS solutions are quickly becoming a cornerstone of our customers’ digital transformation journeys. With more than 125,000 customer locations spanning more than 140 countries, ProcessMAP measured the mobile solution usage as a way of anticipating and preparing the platform to best meet customer needs.

In a recent benchmarking report regarding user adoption of mobile solutions, ProcessMAP has reported nearly 30% of customers log into the platform via a mobile device. More than half of ProcessMAP mobile app users leverage single sign-on (SSO) capabilities. Use of Apple iOS-powered devices outnumber Android devices by a ratio of 4 to 1.

One of the most frequent uses for ProcessMAP mobile apps among customers is Near-Miss Reporting, which has become an integral part of the safety culture within ProcessMAP’s customer organizations. In the last two years, incidents reported via mobile have increased fivefold. ProcessMAP research shows that for the calendar year 2020, nearly 40% of all Near Miss incidents will be reported via mobile EHSQ solutions.

ProcessMAP Mobile EHSQ solutions

Mobile EHSQ solutions provide ProcessMAP customers with significant advantages for field auditing, inspections and verification. Nearly 50% of ProcessMAP customers’ total Audit Action Items are created using the mobile platform. Customers are also using the mobile version of Calendar Action Items, enabling them to create, assign and track on-time closure of CAPAs promptly. 

Ease of mobile use has led to a substantial increase in Behavior-based Safety (BBS) observations, which have more than doubled within the ProcessMAP customer community over the past year. Nearly two thirds of all BBS observations were reported via mobile versus web in 2020. Customers also let ProcessMAP know that ease of accessing real-time, advanced analytics, data visualization dashboards and other reports via mobile devices is critically important to  safety professionals on the plant floor as well as for corporate EHS leaders.

The corporate Learning and Employee Development function has also benefited from mobile access. Mobile training apps, training attendance apps and training status reports are all available to ProcessMAP users in a mobile format, enabling employees and supervisors more immediate access to training courses and reporting.

The Risk Assessment app enables ProcessMAP customers to quickly access job hazards, with immediate access to all approved risk assessments via mobile devices on the plant floor. Users can quickly search and retrieve tasks, hazards and approved administrative and procedural controls and are able to email risk assessments through the app itself.

The Audit Management app continues to evolve with customer feedback. It features the ability to conduct audits associated with employees and assets (when asset data is managed in the Asset Registry application), giving safety professionals additional flexibility when managing audits.

During 2020, ProcessMAP launched a suite of mobile apps to help companies with their COVID-19 response. This suite of tools enabled ProcessMAP customers to effectively manage new or updated employee health and safety protocols, business processes and employee communication and engagement that became necessary due to COVID-19. The apps include:

  • Employee Screening Tool
  • Supervisor Wellness Check
  • Facility Preparedness and Readiness
  • COVID-19 Bulletin
  • Working from Home or Satellite Office Checklist
  • Daily Sanitation Checklist

ProcessMAP continues to listen to customers’ needs and to continuously improve its suite of mobile apps, enabling customers to more quickly and efficiently manage their environmental health and safety responsibilities. Sign up for a free trial today and learn how ProcessMAP can help you transform your EHS initiatives. 

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