Common risks workers face in the summer

While summer may be the perfect time to get outdoor projects done, the heat turns up for safety managers. Keep employees safe by knowing the common risks associated with the season.

Heat-related illness plagues thousands of workers every year, especially when they’re doing tasks with heavy equipment or thick clothing. OSHA recommends making sure your employees have plenty of access to water and shaded rest areas as a few steps you can take to prevent heat-related illness and fatalities.

The construction industry’s deadliest “fatal four” is attributed to falls, which can’t be taken lightly at this time of year considering the vast amount of outdoor projects occurring. In addition to providing water and shaded rest areas, ensure ample fall protection and safety equipment are available. You can do this by using safety software with predictive analytics – like ProcessMAP – to foresee which worksites need it.

What are some common risks you’ve come across during the summer? Leave a comment below, and thanks for watching!

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