Does your organization incorporate automation? [Video]

Did you know that musculoskeletal disorders are among the most frequently reported causes of injuries that result in lost or restricted work time? In the automotive industry, a high amount of repetitive tasks and musculoskeletal injuries present the perfect stage for incorporating automation techniques.

Back and wrist pain are common when working in manufacturing facilities or autobody shops. Due to the rigorous labor, muscle pain is much too common, especially considering we’re in the digital age. Employers should use automation at every turn, whether it be for piecing a car together or changing a lug nut.

You can’t reduce injuries through practice alone – you must have safety management mechanisms in place. Environmental, health and safety software can help reduce injuries – and their associated costs – by identifying and evaluating ergonomic risks and implementing effective controls.

What are some safety methods you’ve incorporated at your automotive facility? Leave a comment below, and thanks for watching!

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