It's All In The Numbers: Data-Driven Safety Performance [Video]

Data is everywhere in the modern world, but could you imagine life without it? The value of data will always be evident as safety managers are able to leverage this resource for safety and performance improvements. This has helped prevent accidents while reducing costs due to claims. Data can seem like a ubiquitous burden on our daily lives—but don’t we have enough problems already?!

Yet just because there may not be an escaping from it doesn’t mean that there isn’t still merits within its use such as helping companies prevent potential incidents or reduce their insurance rates with fewer losses from injury-related claims. It costs much more to react rather than prevent workplace accidents.

Reduce your company’s risk today by incorporating a safety strategy that works to predict, instead of rectify these occurrences! Workers’ compensation, productivity downtime and legal battles are just some of the big-ticket expenses saved through this method.

OSHA has reported businesses could save 40% off their risks simply from using such an approach; what do you have to lose? For many CFOs and CEOs, understanding the data their company collects is just half of the battle. Especially when it comes to safety initiatives… One study reports that 85% of these people understand how important injury report data can be but they’re not sure what to do with this information once they have collected it.

That’s why some companies are turning towards EHS software for a solution – so they know exactly which problems need attention before any incidents happen in their workplace! Collecting data doesn’t always mean you will make meaningful improvements on your business’ health performance as an employer or employee; one-fourth (25%) don’t even realize where injuries occur within their facilities according to recent research from The Safety & Health Achievement Recognition

How has your company benefited from EHS software? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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