Organizations Need To Synergize Their Safety Programs [Video]

Many organizations don’t yet realize how their siloed risk and safety management programs hinder them, rather than letting them to get hyperspecific.

Keeping track of incident reports with a pen and paper and subsequently logging them on a spreadsheet is old school—it’s time to innovate workplace safety. Safety and risk managers need to go beyond simply looking at what happened. They must also be able to ascertain why it occurred to avoid negative impacts to both worker safety and the bottom line.

Environmental, Health and Safety software allows safety and risk managers to digitally track and archive injury report data. It helps bridge the gap between departments, which can lead to identifying hidden risks. A common injury you once thought was the product of the specific job function could actually turn out to be an issue among a number of departments!

Has your company swapped out writing tools for a keyboard or tablet? Let us know how the transition is going by leaving a comment below.

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