Organizations Need To Synergize Their Safety Programs [Video]

For some time now, many organizations have been reliant on the safety programs they set forth and adhered to. But this reliance has become a problem of sorts: it is hindering them from succeeding in other departments that are not strictly related to risk management or employee health and wellness.

Risk management teams should be aware of how their siloed approach can hinder success elsewhere within an organization Naysayers may say that keeping track of incident reports with pen and paper is old school, but it’s time to innovate workplace safety.

Safety coordinators need more than just a report—they also want to know why something happened in order to avoid potential disasters both on the job and financially. With technology like mobile apps or analytics software, there are plenty of ways for managers who take their responsibility seriously not only measure incidents overall but also pinpoint what went wrong so as best possible solutions can be found before another catastrophe occurs.

Businesses can have a safe, risk-free environment by tracking and archiving injury report data with the use of Environmental Health & Safety software. It is capable of bridging gaps between departments that would otherwise lead to hidden risks being identified within your company’s structure! A common workplace injury might not be as specific to one department but instead could apply across many different jobs because it has been left unaddressed for too long.

Has your company swapped out writing tools for a keyboard or tablet? Let us know how the transition is going by leaving a comment below.

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