Small Businesses Use Safety Management For Success [Video]

Small businesses are not immune to workplace injuries. Large corporations have made strides in recent years by integrating safety management software into their operations, but small business owners too busy juggling the day-to-day activities of running a company may be unaware that they will also need to take steps towards protecting themselves from potential litigation and lawsuits if an incident occurs on company grounds or involving one of its employees.

Do you think that Environmental, Health and Safety programs are a waste of funds or too expensive to implement? Well if so, then maybe it’s time for some new ideas. Many executives see three-to-one return on investment in money spent on employee safety while others believe the ROI is tenfold!

Environmental health and saftey (EHS) can be costly but many employers gain back more than what they put into their EHS programs with improved communication among employees who feel safer in an environment where risks have been identified early by trained professionals before incidents occur “Smaller companies tend to lag behind without a system in place.”

Your best workers are worth just as much to your company’s bottom line- if not more- than the others. Jim, for example, is a master drill shaft operator and spends most of his time in production when he isn’t training new hires or performing maintenance on equipment that less skilled employees can easily handle themselves.

When injuries like those from construction accidents happen it forces him out of commission for three months at least with very little likelihood that you’ll be able to replace an employee who has been injured by accident because they’re so valuable and rare these days Fewer Injuries Equate To Higher Productivity By Your Star Workers

Does your small business have the tools it needs to ensure workplace safety? Let us know what’s helping your company succeed by leaving a comment below.

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