The power of mobile risk assessment [Video]

At most employers, workers are not allowed to use cellphones during work. However, this could be changing in some circles where 68% of Americans have smartphones and EHS software can provide mobile risk assessments that help safety managers understand potential dangers on the worksite.

At most workplaces around America it is against company policy for employees to carry a cellphone with them while at their job site – but according to research by Gallup there’s been an increase in such policies as more people acquire the technology needed for one point contact (68%).

Environmental health and safety software has also become increasingly popular among many companies which offer tools like Mobile Risk Assessments- these allow management better understanding of areas potentially posing danger within your workplace without having any physical presence or being able The power of safety just got a whole lot smarter and more accessible.

That’s because companies have realized that the best way to cut down reaction time in emergencies is by giving every worker on site access to an emergency beacon no matter where they are or what kind of phone they’re using. Now, workers can use their phones as walkie talkies with each other – even if there isn’t internet connectivity!

How valuable do you think mobile risk assessment and injury reporting is? Leave a comment below, and thanks for watching!

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