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EHS Software for Government Agencies and Universities

Maintaining operational compliance and ensuring the safety of employees/teachers/students is one of the fundamental challenges facing Government Agencies and Universities today. Moreover, relying on inconsistent Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) processes and disparate systems create inefficiencies. Streamlining and standardizing EHS processes across government agencies/departments/programs and universities improves operational and safety performance and enhances communication with citizens. A centralized and mobile-ready EHS solution can help you manage safety incidents, identify risks, and manage compliance activities while providing real-time insights for better decision-making.

How We Help Government and University Customers

Leveraging experience from serving Government Agencies and University customers, ProcessMAP provides you with actionable insights and predictive analytics to improve employee health and safety, demonstrate environmental and social performance, and drive compliance. Here are just a few examples of how our solutions can help you:

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    Decrease Incidents

    With actionable insights to make smarter decisions faster

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    Mitigate Risks

    With proactive monitoring, enabling rapid remediation

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    Enhance Reputation

    By reinforcing public trust through demonstrating compliance and communicating progress against EHS goals

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    Ensure Compliance

    With increased visibility and traceability through proven audit frameworks

Key Solutions for Government Agencies and University

Current trends show regular EHS audits have become a part of EHS planning in many organizations, allowing for better relaying of EHS performance to all the stakeholders viz.

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