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EHS Management System for the Electronics Industry

Industry Dynamics

Electronics companies are grappling with unprecedented pressures. They face a radically changing world, relentless competition, and short product lifecycles. In order to stay alive, they are focused on expanding their offerings and maximizing value. Over the last 15 years, a majority of companies have been outsourcing their manufacturing operations in an effort to lower operating costs and reduce capital investments. This development has elevated the importance of supply chain alignment and product lifecycle sustainability. With respect to product lifecycle sustainability, companies must reduce their products’ impact by designing them to use fewer harmful substances, be more durable, reusable and recyclable, make products from recycled materials, and keep up with ever changing country specific regulations that can prohibit sale of products. Additionally, companies must reduce their environmental footprint and track compliance with sustainability, including labor standards along the entire supply chain.

How we Help Customers

Leveraging experience from serving customers in the electronics industry, ProcessMAP empowers companies with insight and predictive analytics to achieve significant performance improvement and major cost reductions. Here are just a few examples of how our solutions can help you:

“The traditional role of business as purely a driver of economic value is eroding as companies recognize their impact on society and their potential to influence changes that support broader sustainability goals”.

-NAEM, “Planning for a sustainable Future”

Enable Product Stewardship

Enable Product Stewardship

Streamline collection, verification, analysis, and reporting of chemicals data.

Ensure Compliance

Ensure Compliance

With increased visibility and traceability through proven audit frameworks.

Mitigate Risks

Mitigate Risks

With proactive monitoring, enabling rapid remediation.

Improve CSR Performance

Improve CSR Performance

Simplify KPI reporting and increase visibility into performance metrics.

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Key Solutions

Chemicals Management

Mitigate workplace EHS risks and ensure compliance with product regulations, including GADSL, RoHS, IARC, and REACH. Streamline regulatory, environmental, and safety review for chemical approval, track SDS, and meet employee right-to-know requirements.

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Sustainability Performance Management

Streamline collection, verification, analysis, and reporting of data required to meet reporting requirements all along the supply chain data in the areas of environmental, social, safety, energy, and carbon tracking.

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Incident Management

Optimize safety performance with streamlined reporting, tracking, and analysis of employee, environmental, vehicle, and property related incidents. Prevent future occurrences with predictive insights and corrective actions management.

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Audits Management

Ensure compliance, best practices, and standards alignment throughout the supply chain by managing all aspects of audits and inspections based on the proven Plan-Do-Check-Act principles. Identify deficiencies, implement corrective actions, and control risk.

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Activity Management

Avoid missed deadlines and compliance breaches by efficiently tracking task and action items through completion. Establish accountability, manage risk, and increase efficiency with automated alerts, notifications, and audit trails.

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Hazard Analysis

Control hazards by identifying and assessing hazards and implementing effective controls. Establish assessment frequency, calculate risk scores based on frequency, severity, and likelihood, and assign corrective actions.

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Controls risk and ensures compliance with product regulations, including GADSL, RoHS, IARC, and REACH.

Enables smarter business decisions and optimal safety performance through real-time visibility to key metrics.

Powers performance with integrated EHS, compliance, and sustainability information management across the globe.

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