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Safety Management Software for Food & Beverage Companies

Industry Dynamics

The food and beverage manufacturing industry is the largest industry in the world and they face some of the biggest challenges. Among the issues they grapple with are slim margins; relentless competition; increasingly stringent regulations; and the need to quickly meet new customer demands such as healthier product choices. As public trust diminishes in light of recent contamination incidents, assuring food safety and restoring brand image have become critical challenges. In order to succeed, F&B companies must maintain customer loyalty by meeting their top priorities and by addressing wider stakeholder needs. As a result, food and beverage companies continue to take steps to reduce their environmental footprint, conserve natural resources, improve worker safety, and give back to local communities.

How we Help Customers

Leveraging experience from serving retail customers, ProcessMAP empowers companies with actionable insights and predictive analytics to significantly improve EH&S performance and achieve major cost and risk reduction. Here are just a few examples of how our comprehensive integrated EH&S solution with powerful analytics can help you:

“Over 60% of CFOs reported that each $1 invested in injury prevention returned $2 or more, and over 40% said productivity was the greatest benefit of an effective workplace safety program”.

– Liberty Mutual chief financial officer survey (2005).

Decrease Incidents

Decrease Incidents

With actionable insights to make better decisions faster.

Improve CSR Performance

Improve CSR Performance

Simplify KPI reporting and increase visibility into performance metrics.

Ensure Food Safety

Ensure Food Safety

By identifying and addressing risk areas and ensuring alignment with quality standards.

Enhance Reputation

Enhance Reputation

By demonstrating commitment to improving the communities they serve.

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Key Solutions

Incident Management

Optimize safety performance with streamlined reporting, tracking, and analysis of employee, environmental, vehicle, and property related incidents. Prevent future occurrences with predictive insights and corrective actions management.

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Behavioral Based Safety

Set company-wide goals and collect and monitor behavioral data using one centralized system. Monitor the progress of positive behaviors among employees and set up feedback processes to change them into habits.

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Sustainability Performance Management

Streamline collection, verification, analysis, and reporting of sustainability KPIs in areas of environmental, social, safety, energy, and carbon tracking aligned with GRI G3/4 standards.

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Audits Management

Ensure compliance, best practices, and standards alignment throughout the supply chain by managing all aspects of audits and inspections based on the proven Plan-Do-Check-Act principles. Proactively identify deficiencies and implement corrective actions.

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Activity Management

Avoid missed deadlines and compliance breaches by efficiently tracking task and action items through completion. Establish accountability, manage risk, and increase efficiency with automated alerts, notifications, and audit trails.

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Industrial Hygiene

Safeguard your employees’ health by effectively managing qualitative assessments, including sampling and exposure assessments. Automated data submission to labs for analysis, reports, notifications, and corrective action tracking.

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Featured Food & Beverage Customers

Advances US Food’s commitment to quality and health and safety excellence across more than 100 sites.

Powers Barilla’s pursuit of injury-free production plants with real-time and predictive insights.

Supports Bunge’s new vision for agriculture with a fully integrated EHS and Sustainability platform.

Ensures compliance, automates chemical and hazardous material management, and provides easy access to SDSs.

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