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Compliance and Safety Management System for the Metals & Mining Industry

Industry Challenges

The metals and mining industry is currently going through one of its toughest times in recent history. Companies are operating in a complex environment characterized by volatile prices due to supply demand imbalances, tougher global economic conditions, and increasing operational challenges. Increasing regulatory pressures, including recent MSHA and EPA requirements regarding employee health and safety and greenhouse gas and climate change regulations continue to threaten the metals and mining industry. Stakeholders’ expectations regarding EHS&S performance, governance, risk, compliance and transparency remain very high – and the new paradigm that you must continually earn your “license to operate” pervades. To create value today and secure competitive advantage for the future, organizations must manage operations to prevent serious incidents, minimize occupational injuries and illnesses, and comply with environmental impact assessment requirements to secure requisite operational permits.

How we Help Customers

Leveraging experience from serving metal and mining customers, ProcessMAP empowers companies with actionable insights and predictive analytics to significantly improve EH&S performance and achieve major cost and risk reduction. Here are just a few examples of how our comprehensive integrated EH&S solution with powerful analytics can help you:

“Thanks to the robust multi-dimensional analysis and actionable insights delivered to us by ProcessMAP, we’ve been more targeted in our approach toward injury prevention, honing in on key departments and business activities.”

-Tom Jacques, Vice President of Health, Safety & Environmental Protection and Security at GrafTech

Decrease Incidents

Decrease Incidents

With actionable insights to make better decisions faster.

Mitigate Risks

Mitigate Risks

With proactive monitoring, enabling rapid remediation.

Enhance Reputation

Enhance Reputation

By reinforcing public trust through demonstrated ability to meet regulatory requirements.

Improve CSR Performance

Improve CSR Performance

Simplify KPI reporting and increase visibility into performance metrics.

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Key Solutions

Integrated Incident & Claims Management

Optimize safety performance with streamlined reporting, tracking, and analysis of employee, environmental, vehicle, and property related incidents. Prevent future occurrences with predictive insights and corrective actions management.

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Sustainability Performance Management

Streamline collection, verification, analysis, and reporting of sustainability Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in areas of environmental, social, safety, energy, and carbon tracking aligned with GRI G3/4 standards.

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Occupational Health Management

Improve employee health and mitigate liability exposure by monitoring medical information, including OSHA mandated exams such as audiometric exams, respiratory fit testing, and vision testing, exposure records, and immunizations.

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Hazard Analysis

Control hazard by identifying and assessing hazards and implementing effective controls. Establish assessment frequency, calculate risk scores based on frequency, severity, and likelihood, and assign corrective actions.

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Permits Management

Store and track permit related data, including conditions, required tasks, renewal dates, and costs in a central database. Automated notifications and escalations enable the right stakeholders to quickly identify and remediate compliance risks.

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Audits Management

Ensure compliance, best practices, and standards alignment throughout the supply chain by managing all aspects of audits and inspections based on the proven Plan-Do-Check-Act principles. Identify deficiencies, implement corrective actions, and control risk.

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Featured Metals & Minings Customers

Strengthens USG’s position as a leader in global health and safety performance with data driven insights.

Supports enterprise-wide incident management and regulatory compliance initiatives.

Supports Materion in Driving Safety Efficiencies and Mitigating Risk, Reducing Overall Injuries

Controls operational risk through metrics analysis and provides company-wide visibility to safety & sustainability performance indicators.

Get Actionable Insights to Make Better Decisions

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