A world leader in the practical application of advanced technologies significantly reduces its Recordable Injury Rate by Leveraging ProcessMAP’s EHS cloud-software and mobile solutions


The company is a pioneer in providing equipment for customers across diverse industries such as airports, hospitality industries, critical infrastructure, logistics, and e-commerce platforms. The company leverages ProcessMAP’s EHS & Sustainability software management solution to drive its enterprise initiatives and achieve EHS and sustainability goals.

One of the primary challenges faced by the company was to identify the inherent environmental and operational risks that adversely impacted its employees and business. The inability to comprehensively address the safety concerns of employees because of the lack of standardized data management solutions and disparate safety management systems resulted in high incident rates and reactive safety culture. Ultimately, it led to inadequate safety controls and a steep increase in the degree of operational inefficiencies.


The company’s objective to align company strategy, safety culture, and innovative technology has been truly realized with the adoption of ProcessMAP EHS Software solutions. Leveraging ProcessMAP’s best practices and innovation-driven solutions along with the company’s internal organizational commitment to employee safety helps position the industry leading company to scale greater heights of EHS as well as operational excellence.

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