See Everything,
Prevent Anything

Elevating EHS performance for automotive brands

Take care of your people, and they’ll take care of your business.

This holds particularly true for automotive brands, where the stakes are higher:


The recordable incident rate for automotive brands is roughly twice the national average. (1)


A significantly higher rate of days away and jobs restricted due to safety incidents. (1)


Year over year increase in production. More output can create more chances for injury. (2)

Responding to Headwinds

Unaddressed safety concerns weaken an organization’s
competitiveness during a pivotal time.

Global automotive sales are declining at roughly 2% per year, intensifying competition. (3)

Operating margins declined in the 2H 2022, putting pressure on running lean operations. (4)

Microchip shortages alone have delayed the production of 3 million US vehicles in 2022. (5)

Achieving Your Vision

Your journey to best-in-class EHS starts with a complete record of your data.

When you can see everything, you can prevent anything.

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