BMW Augments Best-in-Class Automotive Engineering with World-Class Occupational Health and Safety Management

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organizational safety culture with strong employee engagement


mitigated occupational health and safety, and Industrial Hygiene (IH) risks


the digital transformation of EHS initiatives across the enterprise

BMW, the iconic luxury vehicle and motorcycle manufacturer from Germany, adopted ProcessMAP to digitally transform its occupational health and safety risk management initiatives. By replacing its legacy system with a modern cloud-based and mobile-ready EHS platform, BMW has been successful in driving stakeholder engagement across all levels of the organization, and efficiently managing compliance. 

Business Needs and Challenges

BMW and ProcessMAP's occupational health and safety management

BMW required an EHS platform that went with each employee to every corner of the company’s operations floor. This initiative to transform all aspects of occupational health and safety, based on ProcessMAP’s intuitive, ready-to-deploy, connected worker mobile EHS apps, was welcomed with excitement and enthusiasm by all employees. The ability of the mobile apps to visualize real-time data management and process transparency throughout the plant drove adoption across all stakeholders – right from leadership teams to plant floor workers.

Strategic Objectives

Real-time Data Intelligence

By improving efficiency and effectiveness of the entire occupational health and safety data management processes

Enterprise-wide EHS Platform

Implement a centralized EHS platform as the single source of truth and get a single pane of glass view into EHS performance

Employee Engagement

EHS system should be easy to use by employees across all countries and be available in local languages

Mobile Ready

Mobile-ready with last-mile connectivity such that safety stakeholders can report hazards and risks at all points in time

EHS Performance Improvements

0 %

Reduction in Lost Time Case Rate Over  a Year

0 %

Increase in Near miss per recordable Over a Year

0 %

Increase in incident investigation completed within 2hrs Rate Over a Year

0 %

Reduction in Restricted Duty Incident Rate Over a Year

0 %

Increase in Number of Preventive Action Items Created Over a Year

0 %

Increase in the System Adoption Over a Year

BMW partnered with ProcessMAP to optimize its safety performance by replacing its existing EHS system with ProcessMAP’s cloud-based EHS software solution

“…we had been using [a legacy system] for about 26 years and …we're looking for a lot more functionality on the mobile platform… Everybody's got their phones on nowadays so instead of carrying a clipboard to do a check [on] a checklist or an audit they can have their phone with them. If they identify a near-miss they have their phone…”

Reed Thomason,
Manager, Safety, Ergonomics & Industrial Hygiene

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