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Elevating EHS performance in construction

Take care of your people, and they’ll take care of your business.

This holds particularly true for automotive brands, where the stakes are higher:

Responding to Headwinds

Unaddressed safety concerns weaken an organization’s
competitiveness during a pivotal time.

The price of construction inputs soared by 40.5% from February 2020 to August 2022, and more bumps are expected (3)

The US economy needs an estimated 1M new construction workers over the next two years. (4)

Weather models predict another stronger-than-average hurricane season, putting pressure on people, equipment, and schedules. (4)

In this environment, operations and EHS professionals must find every opportunity
tostrengthen their safety program. But how?

Improving EHS Performance

Step 1:
Eliminate Blind Spots

You can’t solve what you can’t see. Too many EHS practices are still performed in a silo. Incident reporting on a local spreadsheet, or inspections completed with a paper checklist, prevent your corporate team from seeing patterns and stopping future issues.

Take the first step to a healthier, higher performing workforce by designing a holistic approach to EHS practices. This resource will help:

Step 2:
Visualize and Monitor Risks

Accurate, complete, and timely data is the foundation of a safe and high-performance organization, but it’s not enough. Your team needs tools that bring that data to life. You need tools that help you visualize risk, identify patterns, and detect problems before an employee gets hurt.

Switch from reactive to proactive with visual dashboards that pinpoint where and how you can prevent future injuries:

Step 3:
Win Through Safety

Data empowers you to act. Actions protect your people and strengthen your culture. The right strategy and technology help you embed those practices into the DNA of your organization, driving continual improvement in your safety performance.

Communicate these wins internally, and with your partners, suppliers, and clients. Demonstrate that you take care of your people. And through that, your business will take care of itself.

In need of a stronger EHS technology for your global business? See what ProcessMAP offers for automotive brands:

Lessons from USG

Learn how a large, diversified building materials company achieved award-winning
safety performance with an effective combination of vision, commitment, and
technology. With ProcessMAP’s help, USG has taken incredible strides for its culture
and its business performance, including:


Cutting the restricted duty
incident rate by 79% over
5 years

More than tripling the number of

More than tripling the number of
near misses recorded, for
greater visibility

Reducing the lost time case

Reducing the lost time case
rate by more than half in
5 years

Achieving Your Vision

Your journey to best-in-class EHS starts with a complete record of your data.

When you can see everything, you can prevent anything.
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