Eliminate Manual Processes and Digitally Transform Your Safety Program.

ProcessMAP’s Construction Safety Management Software

Lets our software ensure your worker’s safety while you focus on your core construction activities.

Why ProcessMAP’s Construction Safety Management Software?

Streamlined Reporting Process

Identify Hazards

Track and manage near-misses and unsafe behaviors/conditions in real-time by taking pictures using a mobile device camera.

Enhanced Visibility

Risk Mitigation

Identify geo-locations at your construction site prone to incidents/accidents, thereby mitigating risk proactively.

Increased effectiveness

Ensure Compliance

Stay always in compliance with regulatory obligations. Automate the submission of the OSHA 300A form data at the click of a button.

Secure and Convenient Document Access

Secure and Scalable

Easy to use and highly configurable platform allows you to mirror your operational preferences and unique business processes.

Streamlined MoC Process

Manage Data On-The-GO

Device agnostic mobile apps empower your safety professional in the field to manage safety data on the go.


Actionable Insights

Analyze and convert data into actionable insights, thereby obtain predictions and mitigate risk proactively.

Integrated Solution

Seamless Integration

Access to off-the-shelf online construction safety courses via integration with external content providers

Flexible, Secure & Scalable Platform

Compliance Calendar

Easily manage and track applicable regulatory and internal tasks from task assignment through the closure

Boosting Employee Morale

Boosts Employee Morale

Serves as a mechanism to motivate your workforce to adopt safe behaviors by assigning ownership for individual safety

Simplify Processes

Simplify Processes

Streamlined and simplified inspections and observation reporting helps for the proactive identification of hazards or risks

Enhanced EHS Compliance Assurance

Built-in CAPA

This functionality across all the modules allows to prevent the occurrence of a similar incident

Key Solutions

  • Hazard Reporting
  • Near Miss Reporting
  • Incident Management
  • CAPA Management
  • Task Management
  • Inspections & Audits

Hazard Reporting

Effortlessly report and manage unsafe behaviors in the field to optimize safety performance.

  • Report and manage peer-to-peer and group observations
  • Track and manage corrective action items 
  • Ability to benchmark leading vs. leading indicators 
  • Create and print observation cards for regular safety observations
  • Trend reports to identify unsafe behaviors and prioritize concerns

Near Miss Reporting

Track and manage near-misses for good leading indicators and to mitigate the occurrence of incidents proactively.

  • Near miss reporting and investigation 
  • Root cause analysis and CAPAs management
  • Track leading indicators to demonstrate continuous improvement
  • Notification engine to configure reminders and alerts 
  • Out-of-the-box reports for decision making

Incident Management

Tack and report various types of work-related incidents, conduct investigations to identify root cause, document the evidence and much more.

  • Incident reporting and investigation
  • Root cause analysis and case management
  • OSHA 300, 300A & 301 logs generation
  • HRMS and TPA Integration
  • Out-of-the-box reports for decision-making

CAPA Management

Simplify CAPA tracking and management for continuous improvement and to ensure safety at the construction site.

  • Create and manage CAPAs 
  • Assign ownership and due dates
  • Ability to assign approver for verification purposes
  • Configurable email reminders and alerts
  • Ability to view CAPAs on the calendar

Task Management

Never miss a deadline. Always ensure compliance with construction industry-related regulatory obligations.

  • Create and manage recurring/ non-recurring tasks  
  • Task assignment by role, group or individual
  • Configurable email reminders and alerts
  • Daily, weekly and monthly calendar views  
  • Ownership re-assignment


Perform audits/inspections such as site audits and machinery inspections in the field, even without an internet connection.

  • Audits/Inspections management 
  • Question bank/category development
  • Automated questionnaire filling
  • Findings and CAPAs management
  • Metrics, reports & trending charts
Show Addon Solutions

Addon Modules

Permit to Work

Create, issue and manage permits for hazardous works at construction sites on the go.

Training File Management​

Create, schedule, reschedule, track and report on construction workers training and certifications - all from a unified interface.

Performance Management

Track, analyze, verify, and report metrics to provide real-time visibility to safety performance.

Risk Assessment Software
Risk Assessment

Proactively identify hazards, evaluate their impact on workers and mitigate risks by implementing necessary controls at the construction site.

Contractor File Management

Efficiently manage contractor files from uploading new documents to archiving obsolete documents.

Asset Risk Management

Manage critical assets and equipment information and track the overall health of the assets.

Here’s why our customers choose us

Prior to using ProcessMAP’s incident software, we did not have a systematic method of investigating, documenting and analyzing injuries, illnesses and environmental events since everything was performed manually at each location.

Michael Kent Director of Health and Safety at Materion.

Our CEO and executive leadership team have always been passionate about building a world-class company where consideration for employee health and safety is the first priority. We were well aware we needed an improved enterprise system to provide us with real-time visibility to key operational metrics.We knew that if we wanted to take injury prevention to the next level, we needed to expand our capabilities.

Tom Jacques Vice President of Health, Safety & Environmental Protection and Security of GrafTech.

USG is relentless in its efforts to ensure the health & safety of our employees via best-in-class policies, procedures and processes. ProcessMAP provides us with a global system to support a world-class health & safety management program. After 6 months of evaluations, including more than 10 vendors, we are very excited to adopt the ProcessMAP Platform.

Justin Dugas Director of Safety and Health, USG

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not available in the following FAQs, ask us at sales@processmap.com.

ProcessMAP’s construction safety management software is an integrated software designed to help construction companies minimize risk, assure compliance and ensure front-line worker safety.

The construction safety management software helps to 

  1. Streamline and standardize safety processes 
  2. Improve safety culture among workers, thereby reduce in injury rate
  3. Proactively identify deficiencies and mitigate risk 
  4. Achieve compliance with construction industry-related regulatory requirements
  5. Prevent the recurrence of incidents by tracking leading indicators

ProcessMAP’s construction safety management software empowers organizations in the construction industry to streamline and standardize the safety processes, empower front-line workers to report safety challenges, and maintain and exceed OSHA safety requirements.

ProcessMAP's construction safety management software returns your investment with savings from insurance premiums and eliminates cumbersome manual processes. The software will also help you enforce high safety standards and ensure your workers follow safe work practices. It also provides a huge payoff by always keeping you in compliance with construction industry-related regulations such as OSHA.

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ProcessMAP’s construction safety management software cost depends on various parameters, including but not limited to the number of users accessing the system, the number of locations you wish to deploy the solution, the integration requirements, and data migration requirements (if any). For more information, please reach out to sales@processmap.com.

Here are some of the essential aspects you should consider. The software  must provide

  1. Intuitive and easy-to-use interface to minimize the end-user learning curve
  2. Tools to configure the system as per your business need
  3. API library to integrate with your internal/external system to seamlessly exchange information
  4. Out-of-the-box reports and advanced analytics tool to create ad-hoc reports for decision making
  5. Mobile apps to track and manage data in the field

ProcessMAP’s construction safety management software empowers organizations in the construction industry to streamline and standardize the safety processes, empower front-line workers to report safety challenges, and maintain and exceed OSHA safety requirements.

The tentative time required for software implementation is anywhere between 4 to 16 weeks. To know exactly how long it will take for implementation, please reach out to sales@processmap.com.

Yes, we provide native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Yes, the software can integrate with your internal systems. For more information, please reach out to sales@processmap.com.

Yes, the software is highly configurable to meet your business requirements. For more information, please schedule a demo with one of our solution experts.    

Yes. We provide annual releases (2 major and 3 minor releases) for all our customers for free of cost.

This software supports 27 languages. Please reach out to sales@processmap.com for more information.

The ProcessMAP construction safety management software helps you digitally transform safety programs and proactively identify and prevent accidents before they occur with advanced analytics capabilities. 

The ProcessMAP Construction Safety Management Software is a tailor-made software designed for the construction industry. With this software, you can manage workers safety across all phases in your construction projects, including pre-construction,construction, and post-construction/operational phases.

            The ProcessMAP Construction Safety Management Software helps construction companies digitally transform safety programs and proactively identify and prevent           accidents before they occur with advanced analytics capabilities. 

You should choose a vendor providing 24*7 post-implementation support and continuous enhancements to meet ever-growing regulatory requirements.

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