COVID – 19 Bulletin

Easily Access up to date COVID-19 Information

COVID – 19 Bulletin

Promoting awareness and access to up to date COVID-19 information is key to mitigating the ripple effects of this pandemic. ProcessMAP’s COVID-19 Bulletin App is designed to help organizations publish the latest information about the virus in order to protect employees from the risk of being exposed.

Key Benefits

  • Educate employees on COVID-19 symptoms, thereby reducing the probability of spreading virus
  • Get access to up to date precautionary measures that need to be followed in order to avoid exposure
  • Publish a bulletin with information like:  protective guidelines to follow, travel advice and other communications, on the go
  • Easily access COVID-19 awareness information materials/videos on the go
  • Enterprise-wide communication to avoid cascading effects of COVID-19​

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COVID-19 Bulletin


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Key Benefits


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