Dawn Foods, a 100 Year Old Manufacturer of Baking Products, Simplifies Workplace Safety Management

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Dawn Food Products, Inc. (Dawn Foods) is a 100-year-old, family-owned company based in Jackson, Michigan. The company manufactures baked good mixes to supply family bakeries, artisanal bakers, supermarket bakeries, and food service companies worldwide.

Dawn Foods adopted ProcessMAP’s EHS software suite in 2018 to simplify the employee health and safety management processes, significantly improve user engagement with EHS solutions, and above all foster a strong safety culture within the company. 

By leveraging ProcessMAP’s cloud and mobile EHS solutions, the employees are now able to report incidents, conduct investigations, submit claims and conduct audits and inspections easily with the web and mobile applications.

Business Needs and Challenges

One of the key challenges faced by Dawn Foods was the lack of end-user adoption and/or satisfaction due to tediousness of incident reporting. Even the most advanced EHS platform cannot deliver value unless the various stakeholders engage with the system properly. The company was struggling with a system that had difficult workflows and an un-intuitive user interface, thereby significantly degrading the user experience and consequently minimizing stakeholder engagement. 

Additionally, the existing solution could not evolve along with the business requirements of the company. 

To address these issues and challenges, Dawn Foods adopted ProcessMAP’s robust and integrated EHS platform, which is also extremely user-friendly and intuitive to use.

Strategic Objectives

Employee Engagement

EHS system should be easy to use by employees across all countries and be available in local languages

Mobile Ready

Enhance the EHS data management processes with easy-to-use mobile solutions

Streamline Compliance

Institutionalize and streamline compliance management across all locations, globally

Safety Culture

Foster a robust safety culture across the enterprise through strong stakeholder engagement in safety processes and programs

EHS Performance Improvements

0 %

Reduction in RIR

0 %

Reduction in lost time case rate over a year

0 %

Reduction in restricted duty incident rate over a year

0 %

Increase in near miss per recordable over a year

0 %

Increase in near miss investigations completed within 24 hrs

0 %

Increase in on-time closure of CAPAs over a year

One of the things that has really surprised me is the amount of feedback ProcessMAP asks from its clients and the fact that they take it and actually use it to improve the product, releasing major updates on a regular basis. Also, the fact that there are actual EHS experts on staff who understand the work we are doing and are using their knowledge to develop a system that makes sense for the end user.

Scott Bailey,
Dawn Food Products


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