EHS Analytics

Transform the way you see data and get actionable insights to drive EHS performance.

Visualize and analyze Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) metrics across locations to make smarter decisions.

Harness the Power of Analytics to Get Answers to Your Unanswered EHS Questions

ProcessMAP offers next-generation business intelligence and advanced analytics platform called “Insight Plus” that allows organizations to uncover insights hidden within the EHS data. With this robust analytics platform, you can

  • Analyze and convert large volumes of data into actionable insights to obtain prediction and ease risk mitigation
  • Communicate EHS performance to stakeholders through personalized dashboards
  • Automate corrective and preventive actions management to protect people, assets, and profits
  • Explore EHS data for trends using plain language in assistance with AI & visual exploration tools
  • Leverage external data or combine it with data for analysis to better drive EHS programs
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Descriptive Analytics

Lagging & Leading Indicators

Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Business value and competitive advantages​


Easily identify EHS risks that might impact your business by leveraging out-of-the-box reports and dashboards.

Turn Data into
Actionable Insights

Quickly create your own insightful dashboards to visualize your EHS performance without our support!

Hidden Insights

Assess the effectiveness of your EHS programs by discovering hidden patterns and trends.

Identify the Likelihood of Future Risks

Built-in machine-learning algorithms and statistical analyses allow you to forecast future EHS issues.

Analytics That EHSQ Professionals Love to See

Sneak peek into some of the analytics that visionary EHS leaders look for, just like you, to proactively mitigate risks, drive compliance and uncover hidden opportunities to revitalize enterprise-wide EHS initiatives.

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