Johnson Controls (JCI) Transforms its Siloed EHS Data Management into a Globally Integrated Initiative

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health and safety risks for employees across all locations


a single source of truth for all EHS and Sustainability performance data


the digital transformation initiative across the enterprise

Johnson Controls (JCI) is a global leader in offering diversified technology, and industrial manufactured products and services to customers in more than 150 countries. 

With operations across multiple countries, JCI faced a fundamental challenge of maintaining standard processes and global compliance across the enterprise.

Empowered with ProcessMAP’s EHS solutions, Johnson Controls (JCI) successfully transformed siloed EHS management activities into a globally integrated program that drove excellence in EHS practices as well as business productivity.

Business Needs and Challenges

Johnson Controls (JCI) Transforms Its EHS Data Management With ProcessMAP

As a global company with operations across multiple countries, Johnson Controls (JCI) faced a fundamental challenge of maintaining standard processes and global compliance across the enterprise. To overcome the inefficiencies and workarounds enforced by a siloed approach to EHS data management, and to accelerate its efforts to meet organizational EHS and Sustainability Goals, JCI realized that it was time to replace its existing legacy EHS systems with a robust enterprise-grade EHS platform. 

JCI selected ProcessMAP’s highly scalable, integrated, enterprise-grade EHS platform to drive its digital transformation initiatives.

Strategic Objectives

Real-time Data

Pertaining to employee health and safety, operational risks, and environmental sustainability

EHS Platform

EHS system should be easy to use by employees across all countries and be available in local languages

Employee Engagement

Implement a centralized EHS platform as the single source of truth and get a single pane of glass view into EHS performance 

Mobile Ready

Mobile-ready with last-mile connectivity such that safety stakeholders can report hazards and risks at all points in time

EHS Performance Improvements

0 %

Increase in audit
CAPA on-time
closure rate over
3 yrs

0 %

Reduction in work
related claim over
3 years

0 %

Increase in near
misses reported
within 24 hours rate
over two years

0 %

Reduction in notice
of violations over
two years

0 %

Reduction in
repeat findings
over two years

0 %

Reduction in
Recordable Incident
Rate over two years

Building on the sustained benefits of this long and strategic partnership with ProcessMAP, Johnson Controls has set additional ambitious goals for 2025. These goals include a 25% reduction in recordable safety incidents, a 25% reduction for energy and greenhouse gas intensity, a 10% reduction in water use and a 25% increase in the number of manufacturing locations that are landfill-free. 

“What has helped our company particularly is having an integrated EHS platform [ProcessMAP] as a core backbone to all of our [EHS] programs and processes, whether that’s near-miss reporting, incident management, audits management…”1
John Perkins,
VP of Global Environment, Health and Safety


Case Study

Latest Sustainability Report

1 Webinar, “Digital Transformation of EHS, Johnson Controls’ 3-step Approach to Ensure Workplace Safety”, January 2021