A Global Leader in Food Processing and Distribution Enhances Its Commitment to Safety by Adopting ProcessMAP’s Integrated Incident Management and Risk Assessment Solutions


The company is a food processing company that specializes in the production, packaging, assembly, and distribution of shelf-stable and portion control foods. The company’s strategic goals were to establish a comprehensive safety management system, which include policies, procedures, work instructions, and the ability to empower employees to become better incident investigators on the floor.

To achieve these goals, the company decided to implement a robust commercial comprehensive safety management platform. After a thorough due diligence on the capabilities of leading EHS software solutions available in the market, the company adopted ProcessMAP’s EHS cloud and mobile solutions.


“The company’s strategic goals to digitize safety management processes and power employees to become better  problem solvers on the shop floor have been truly realized with the adoption of ProcessMAP’s Integrated Incident Management and Risk Assessment solutions. Ultimately, the company is driven by a singular objective to recognize as an industry-leader in predicting workplace incidents by strong EHS leadership commitment, engaging the workforce in safety initiatives, and leveraging native mobile EHS apps.”

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