The world's leading agribusiness and food company adopts ProcessMAP EHS Software to replace multiple disparate systems and drive efficiency, accuracy, and consistency across its EHS initiatives


The company is a leader in food processing and distribution services across North America. The company adopted ProcessMAP to drive its commitment to excellence in safety. By leveraging ProcessMAP’s cloud-based and mobile-first EHS solutions, the company successfully realized its objective of “Zero-incidents” at the workplace and established a culture of safety at every level of the organization.

One of the primary challenges faced by the company was its acute dependence on paper and spreadsheet-based solutions to record EHS data. Consequently, the company faced challenges in complying with data protection legislation and adhering to security challenges. These situations led to increased spending and operational inefficiencies, affecting employees and the organization’s bottom line. To address the issues, the company sought a reliable, scalable and comprehensive EHS solution that provided complete transparency and accountability of the data.


Digitizing EHS processes using ProcessMAP EHS software solution and incorporating mobile-friendly applications (Apps) is part of the first wave of the company’s digital transformation initiatives. Adopting easy to use technology to manage employee, environmental, and safety goals of an enterprise is a journey of continuous improvements and innovations. ProcessMAP, as an established global leader in offering robust EHS software solutions and industry best practices, is a trustworthy partner to customers in their journey to achieve EHS excellence.

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