Welcome Address and Konnect22 at a Glance – Emcee: Todd Jones 

Innovations for Today and Tomorrow – Presenters: ProcessMAP Team

Lessons Learned and Best Practices: Accepting Zero – Host: Harold Gubnitsky, Speaker: Steven Gedalje

Thought Leadership Presentation: Physical Demand Assessments for Injury Prevention – Speakers: Tina Duffy, Melissa Traugott, Aravind Reddy Putta

Thought Leadership Presentation: Connecting the Dots to Drive Decisions – Presenters: Tyler Smith, John Perkins

Customer Presentation: Integration of EHS, Quality, Operations, and Manufacturing on the Plant Floor to Drive Safety Outcomes – Presenter: Jessica Jannaman

Collaborative Workshop: Integration of EHS, Quality, Operations, and Manufacturing on the Plant Floor to Drive Safety Outcomes – Facilitator: Jessica Jannaman

Thought Leadership on Operational Safety: Enabling Field Workers with a System to Become Safety Excellence Champions – Moderator: Dexter King, Panelists: Gail Harris, Jessica Milmeister, Lidia Peterson

Keynote Presentation: Diary of an EHS Leader and Notes on the Future – Keynote Presenter: Greg Rose

The Current State of Data Security and Privacy – Presenter: Dan Putz

Thought Leadership Presentation: The EHS Role in ESG and Sustainability Goals – Presenter: Kim Knickle

Panel Discussion: Actionable Strategies to Drive Plant Floor Digitization – Moderator: Gary Cluck, Panelists: Alex Tomash, Katie Fritzler

Panel Discussion: ESG Strategy and Planning are the Key to a Successful Execution – Moderator: Vijay Gudivaka, Panelists: Adam Tucker, Leslie Wong

Lessons Learned and Best Practices: Audit Management – The Swiss Army Knife – Presenters: Gabriel Atencio, Dakota Jones

Lessons Learned and Best Practices: Data Visualization to Communicate EHS Performance – Moderator: Ben Niiler, Panelists: Bill McDermott, Caleb Nye

Case Study: Integrating Regulatory Content to Sustain Compliance – Moderator: Dawn Charnin, Panelists: Richard Fluharty, Shannon Major

Thought Leadership Presentation: Preventing Serious Injuries and Fatalities Through Dynamic Communication – Host: Corbin Neilson, Speaker: Pete Hadad

Innovation: Role of AI Empowering Industrial Companies on Their Journey to Sustainability – Presenters: Rajan Pandhare, Gary Chandler

Engaging Leadership on the EHS Digital Transformation Journey – Presenters: Todd Jones, Joshua Sandoval

Customer Panel: Engaging Plant Floor and Frontline Employees: Best Practices for Implementing Mobile and Kiosk Devices – Moderator: Jagan Garimella, Panelists: Jim Lane, Kevin Richards

Customer Panel: Accelerating User Adoption – Moderator: Marjorie Foutch, Panelists: Justin Talbot, Samantha Pavey, Scott Bailey

End of Conference Summary – Emcee: Todd Jones

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