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About Complaint and Issue Management

Connected Worker App Complaint and Issue Management App helps you record all types of complaints and issues, including but not limited to, quality, safety, environment, social, general, etc. The app can be customized to handle any type of complaint or issue across the organization. The inbuilt task management functionality allows you to create, assign, and track corrective action items until it is resolved.

Key Features

  • Mobile online and offline capabilities
  • Signature Capture
  • Upload Pictures and Attachments
  • Create and Assign Action Items
  • Customized PDF Output
  • Configurable Notifications

Key Benefits

Streamline the process of collecting, tracking, and closing complaints and issues.


Easily document the internal investigation notes and maintain a repository for future reference.


Close the loop from problem through corrective action and promote continuous improvement.


Notify key stakeholders of complaints and issues in real time.