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About Fire Drill Critique

Reviqo’s Fire Drill Critique App enables you to capture the sequence of events in a fire drill process, with details like number of occupants evacuated, methods of drill, and other key data. With the app, you can assess the readiness of your employees and the functionality of your emergency procedures and equipment. The app also assists in the identification of various action items to be implemented for more effective drills.

Key Features

  • Mobile online and offline capabilities
  • Signature Capture
  • Upload Pictures and Attachments
  • Create and Assign Action Items
  • Customized PDF Output
  • Configurable Notifications

Key Benefits

Effectively record fire drill data and access the real-time data via a mobile app


Easily check the effectiveness of drill/evacuation processes


Mirror your existing process with a highly configurable fire drill form and checklist


Track action items associated with assessments until completion