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About Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP)

Connected Worker App HAZOP App provides an easy to use HAZOP form that can be customized to perform risk analysis per your company’s practices. The app helps you to retain the valuable corporate knowledge obtained by the process of identifying potential hazards and operability problems. This structured and systematically stored knowledge provides great assistance in determining appropriate remedial measures.

With the app, you can capture every possible detail that helps you to identify potential hazards and take the appropriate measures. You can capture various details like Deviations, Possible Causes, Consequences, Safeguards, etc. and assign action items to mitigate risk.

Key Features

  • Mobile online and offline capabilities
  • Signature Capture
  • Upload Pictures and Attachments
  • Create and Assign Action Items
  • Customized PDF Output
  • Configurable Notifications

Key Benefits

Streamline Hazard and Operability Analysis from data gathering to analyzing to documentation on the floor.


Acts as a central repository to store all critical information, including photo and video evidence of design systems and deviations.


Mitigate common hazards by identifying hazards and implementing appropriate measures based on the knowledge gained from historical data.


Ensure the safety of workers by implementing corrective actions and tracking all upcoming due dates for pending actions.


Notify responsible parties on action items and deadlines with automatic and rule-based notifications.