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About Machine Guarding Assessment App


Operating machinery and equipment without proper guarding can result not only in workplace injuries, but also downtime, losses in production, and an increase in workers’ compensation premiums.


ProcessMAP’s Machine Guarding Assessment app is designed to help employees assess machine guarding to identify risks and manage corrective actions, reducing the likelihood for workplace injuries while helping to maximize productivity. The app provides a configurable checklist allowing organizations to assess compliance and risk based on regulations, industry standards, and company procedures.

Key Features


  • Configurable – modify to fit specific business needs
  • Mobile online and offline capabilities
  • Ability to customize notifications
  • Export records in excel and PDF format
  • Upload pictures and attachments
  • Create and assign action items

Download Datasheet- Mobile Apps


Easily assess machine guarding using configurable built-in checklist to identify deficiencies


One stop shop to create and manage action items to closure, reducing the risk of injuries and maximizing productivity


Ensure compliance with regulations, industry standards, and company requirements