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About Office Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic risks are growing for employees due to various factors like extended working hours, workplace design, work postures, and office environments. For example, poor posture leads to body ailments. Audits and evaluations of various ergonomic areas in an office environment are highly subjective and often vary with each auditor.

Connected Worker App Office Ergonomic Assessment App will bring out the key aspects to be checked at the office. The app enables you to:

  • Assess tasks, work equipment/accessories, awkward postures, and work station dimensions
  • Identify associated risk factors
  • Recommend work habits, techniques and equipment/products to mitigate risks

Key Features

  • Mobile online and offline capabilities
  • Signature Capture
  • Upload Pictures and Attachments
  • Create and Assign Action Items
  • Customized PDF Output
  • Configurable Notifications

Key Benefits

Strengthen your Office Ergonomic Assessment Program with a streamlined process – Analysis, Risk Identification, and Recommendations


Increase safety awareness among your employees with an effective office ergonomics program


Identify employees who are at high ergonomic risk with a customizable checklist and provide recommendations


Effectively take measures by assigning and tracking action items to closure