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About Powered Industrial Truck Inspection (Electric) App


ProcessMAP’s Powered Industrial Truck Inspection (Electric) app helps to ensure pre-operation and operational inspections are conducted by electric forklift operators. These inspections are critical in ensuring forklifts operate safely and equipment is placed out of service when deficiencies are discovered.


The app provides a configurable checklist allowing operators to easily assess the condition of the forklift and immediately notify operators when a vehicle should be placed out of service due to a deficiency. In addition, the app provides the ability to quickly retrieve and review inspection records.

Key Features


  • Configurable – modify to fit specific business needs
  • Mobile online and offline capabilities
  • Ability to customize notifications
  • Export records in excel and PDF format

Download Datasheet- Mobile Apps


Easily conduct pre-operation and operational inspections of electric forklifts using a configurable, built-in checklist


Quickly be alerted when deficiencies require a forklift to be put out of service


Ensure forklifts are examined at least daily before being placed in service