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About Scaffolding Safety Inspection

ProcessMAP’s connected worker App Scaffolding Safety Inspection App is designed to conduct crucial life-saving inspections on different aspects of scaffolds from wherever you are in the field.

Scaffolds are used across all industries and OSHA estimates that 65% of all construction workers perform some kind of work on scaffolding every year. Scaffolds can be safer than ladders if they are constructed and maintained properly. However, working on scaffolds can expose workers to serious hazards like falling objects, electrocution, and other significant injuries. Inspecting the scaffolds after construction, before each use, and after inclement weather conditions is crucial to protecting workers from these hazards.

Key Features

  • Mobile online and offline capabilities
  • Signature Capture
  • Upload Pictures and Attachments
  • Create and Assign Action Items
  • Customized PDF Output
  • Configurable Notifications

Key Benefits

A one-stop solution for conducting inspections on various types of scaffolding using the configurable, built-in checklist.


Easily identify scaffolding to be removed from service and notify designated personnel if defects are found.


Ensure your team’s safety by sharing the inspection results along with hazards with all the personnel working on the scaffold.


Allows users to ditch the paper and complete the safety inspection from the palm of their hand.