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EHS Management Software for Oil & Gas - Industry Dynamics

There are few industries with greater complexity and greater demands at the current time than the oil and gas industry in up-stream, mid-stream and downstream. The near term threats include glutted energy supply, slumping oil prices, unstable geopolitical landscape, and ever increasing regulatory pressures. Stakeholders’ expectations regarding EHS&S performance, governance, risk, compliance and transparency remain very high. And, the new paradigm that you must continually earn your “license to operate” pervades. As we have seen, one EHS&S mis-step can lead to significant reputational damage, astronomical fines and corporate/personal criminal liability. That’s why EHS&S continues to be a top priority despite tighter cash flows. To thrive in this industry, oil and gas companies must manage process safety to prevent serious incidents; operate with a reduced environmental footprint including reduced greenhouse gas and other emissions; increase transparency; and ensure compliance throughout the supply chain.

How we Help Oil & Gas Customers

Leveraging experience from serving oil and gas companies, ProcessMAP empowers companies with actionable insights and predictive analytics to significantly improve EHS&S performance and achieve major cost and risk reduction. Here are just a few examples of how our comprehensive integrated EHS&S solution with powerful analytics can help you: “With firms taking a more integrated approach to data capture and risk management, there is a greater emphasis on the EHS&S function driving operational excellence rather than simply focusing on legislative compliance and reporting”.

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    Decrease Incidents

    With actionable insights to make better decisions faster.

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    Mitigate Risks

    With proactive monitoring, enabling rapid remediation.

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    Improve CSR Performance

    Simplify KPI reporting and increase visibility into performance metrics.

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    Enhance Reputation

    By reinforcing public trust through demonstrated ability to meet regulatory requirements.

Key Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

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