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Driving safety and compliance with PTASP requirements for Public Transit Organizations

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted normal lives and brought the global economy to a grinding halt, public transportation continues to operate as an essential life line for American cities and suburbs. And within this operational environment, December 31, 2020 is a key deadline that is approaching for all public transit organizations, to meet the requirements of the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plans (PTASP), as outlined under the 49 CFR Part 673. ProcessMAP’s risk-based Safety Management System (SMS) solutions approach help public transit agencies to proactively mitigate risk and comply with regulatory requirements as outlined by the National Public Transportation Safety Program.

How We Help Public Transit Organizations

ProcessMAP EHS Software for Public Transit Organizations helps transit agencies easily identify the job classifications with the most severe incidents and highest workers compensation claims, seamlessly track and measure the rate of injuries compared to the hours worked, and establish a Safety Certification Training Program to reinforce employees’ commitment to safety.

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    Reduced Time for Corrective Actions

    Significantly reduce the time between incidents, the root-cause analysis, and the planning for corrective actions

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    Improved Performance

    Improve the proficiency of inspections, investigations and the implementation of Corrective and/or Preventive Action plans (CAPAs)

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    Proactively Mitigate Hazards

    Use mobile apps to proactively report hazards and identify systemic risks by leveraging a system-wide safety data intelligence platform

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    Enhance Your Reputation

    Enhance your reputation by reinforcing public trust through demonstrated compliance against the safety requirements mandated by the Federal Transit Administration and the Department of Transportation

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